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I Write My Life Story

January--Beginnings; Where did I come from? (Genealogy, Learning about Heavenly Father's Plan)

Do You Have My Name?

Carnival of Life

Submit a 4 generation sheet

Learn to use your local Family History Center. Submit family names.

Plan and attend a youth temple trip and perform ordinances for your relatives.

Put together a family history book. (See also 1998 Theme: Turning Hearts to the Family)

Learn about the lives of early pioneers, prophets, apostles, or ancestors, etc.

February--Getting the plot down (journal keeping)

I remember activity--Get out some paper and start it out by saying "I remember . . ." Then write as long as you can until you can't think of anything else related to that memory.  Then write "I remember" again and start all over.   Serve fun snacks and share fun memories at the end.

Journal Jars (see also Journal Ideas)

Learn how to do a photo album or scrapbook

Organize important papers and awards and certificates

March--Developing My Character

Learn how to write, give speeches, act, dance, sing, play a musical instrument, conduct music, sign a song in sign language, etc. Invite speakers or specialists, have a play and learn to act by doing, learn to sew by making the costumes, choreograph a musical number for a talent show, etc.

Pathway of Faith Activity

Learn how to organize information, how to use a computer, how to use the internet, how to use computer programs, how to prepare for college, etc.

Pick a gospel principle and learn how to live it more fully: tithing, repentance, faith, forgiveness, thankfulness, chastity, purity of heart and mind, loving God, serving our fellowmen, living in the world but not of the world, honesty, integrity, etc.

Service--see Service Ideas at Idea Index; I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

April--Gardening and the Law of the Harvest

Read what President Kimball said about gardens

Learn about plants and flowers that grow well in your area and make a poster to present what you learned to others.

Plant a Garden

Weed and take care of a garden

Read scripture stories that involve gardening--the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how they later have to grow their own food, the parable of the olive tree, the stories of the Lord's vineyard, the story of the tree of life, the likening of faith to a seed, the parable of the sower, the parable of the mustard seed

Missionary Work (sowing seeds), Have a Missionary Night

Strengthening new members (taking care of tender sprouts)--Introduce new members by having a Get-to-Know-You activity with the new members as the guests of honor.   Play games together.  See Good Clean Fun

My choices have consequences--Choice and Accountability--CTR Activity under Quarterly Activities

Learn ways to make meetings more effective

Fellowship less active members of your ward: visit them, call them, learn more about them, support them in concerts or performances, make treats for them, plan activities which meet their needs and interests, etc.

Learn about other religions so you'll know where investigators are coming from when they ask questions about the Church.

May--The Best Books (Scriptures, Good Literature)

Learn how to study the scriptures better, how to choose appropriate books, movies, songs, and other media, or how to teach more effectively

Have a Book Club Night--everyone selects a book from a list of classics or good new literature and reads it.  Then that night they share parts of the story--drawings, a short skit, a collage, a dramatic reading with a cliffhanger, a costumed monologue, etc.  Share how interesting the book was and encourage others to read it if you thought it was appropriate and uplifting

Have a Church Book Club Night--share insights from gospel-centered books,  Have a recommended reading list of essential Gospel books

Share a reader's theater of a good play or story.

Share favorite poetry.  Write your own poetry and share it.

Have a Bible Night

Have a Book of Mormon Night

Have a Doctrine and Covenants Night

Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?

June--Becoming a Leading Lady

My Fair Lady

Etiquette Dinner

Modesty, chastity--Modesty Fashion show (use dolls, young women, mothers to show off appropriate clothing for school, home, sports, dances, wedding, etc.)

July--My Leading Man

What Kind of Man Do You Want to Marry? (Candy Bar Activity)

Dating Night (see Dating Section for LOTS of ideas)

So You Want to Marry a Moroni

August--The Temple:  The Perfect Setting For My Wedding

Read President Hunter's talk about the temple or read the magazine Temples.

Learn about the Temple and Temple-worthiness. Design temple-appropriate temple dresses.

Make a decoration that reminds you of the temple. Make padded hangers for your temple dress.

Write in your journal of a time that you went to the temple

See Special Temple Nights and Brides Night

September--I'm going to be a wife

Learn how to cook, sew, decorate a room, make a craft, etc.

Play the Newlywed Game with the young men of your ward (or another)--give each couple ten minutes to learn about each other

Learn how to be a good friend--make special gifts for friends, learn to write thank you notes

Learn how to navigate using a map

Learn how to use time effectively at home--plan a day or a week full of constructive activities, remember scripture study, visiting teaching, talents, dinner, cleaning, letter writing, etc.

How to be a good "in-law"

Bridal Shower Games

October--I'm going to be a homemaker

Learn how to fix a car, use food storage, exercise, clean house, garden, paint, perform CPR or first aid, budget money, etc. Learn to budget money by giving each group a small amount of money to make a meal or part of a meal, or to buy gifts for members of the other group. Have you ever exercised with cans of refried beans, broom handles, step stools, or water jugs? Try it! Have you ever had a race on who could clean a window the fastest or wash a pan the best? You might like it!

Homemaking Night

Learn how to can, make jam, go to the cannery and dry pack or "shop" at the Bishop's storehouse for a packing assignment

November--I'm going to be a mother

Learn how to take care of your body, learn about pregnancy and breastfeeding

Learn about different developmental stages in children and teenagers and what things appeal to various age groups

Learn children's songs--in the Children's Songbook, in the Nursery Manual, and secular sources

Learn how to put together a Family Home Evening, or make an FHE Kit

Learn how to take care of a small child

Make Babysitting Kits (for on hand experience later), see Babysitting Fun

Baby Shower Games

December--Strengthening My Family

Righteous Traditions--gather fun tradition ideas and learn how to do them.  Think about what traditions your family has and which ones you would like your future family to have (See Seasons and Holidays)

Family Newsletters, Reunions

Ways to show love and appreciation for family members

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