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Pathway of Faith

by Jenny Walsh

Set up a pathway on a floor with two long strands of yarn (white, to match with faith, if you prefer). Divide the pathway into squares with more yarn. Place on each square a note. Start the girls on the path and have them read each note and answer the questions, read, sing or recite as appropriate. You may either discuss the answers as you go along or have each girl write down their answer and score the answers and discuss it all at the end. (answers and points for scenario questions and activities)

Materials needed: yarn, scissors to cut the yarn, notes for each square, a Primary Songbook, a Triple Combination or other source for the Articles of Faith.

Sample Questions and Activities

Read or recite Article of Faith 1

Sing "Heavenly Father Loves Me"

Scenario 1: I have faith in God's promises in the scriptures

You recently read the Word of Wisdom, located in the Doctrine and Covenants (section 89). It states that alcohol is not for the belly. It also states that those who follow the Word of Wisdom will run and not be weary, walk and not faint. Your track coach insists that drinking just a little bit of wine before a track meet will help you sleep better and help you perform better. He pours the wine into glasses at the team dinner and gives one to you. What do you do?

a) Pretend like you're drinking and pour it out when no one is looking.

b) Say, "Coach, you know I don't drink alcohol, not even a little bit." Then you drink milk instead.

c) You accept a glass and drink it. After all, it's only a little bit of wine. If it's really wrong, you can repent later.

Read or recite Article of Faith 2

Scenario number 2: I have faith the God gave me commandments for my benefit

When you were reading the 10 Commandments, you were surprised to see "honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long upon the land." Now you, living with your parents, know how imperfect the are. Your dad asks you to take out the trash when it is your brother's turn. What do you do?

a)Whine, "It's not fair. It's Jake's turn to do that!"

b) Say, "Dad, I'll do it, but did you know that it is Jake's turn?"

c) Take out the trash with a smile.

d) Take out the trash, whining and complaining as you go, and reminding your Dad about it for the next two months.

Read or recite Article of Faith 3

Sing "I am a Child of God"

Scenario number 3: I have faith in the principle of forgiveness

We are commanded to forgive everyone. You understand that, but at the same time, a girl at church has reportedly said some unkind things about you behind you back. When you found out what she said, it really hurt your feelings. What do you do?

a) Go to her and tell her what you heard and how it made you feel. If she did say those things, forgive her, even if she didn't ask to be forgiven (Matt. 18:15).

b) Say something mean about her to the other girls in the ward. See how she likes it.

c) Never go to church again. You could never forgive her, nor the other girls for not telling her off when she said it.

Read or recite Article of Faith 4

Scenario number 4: I have Faith in impressions I receive and commandments we have been given.

We are commanded to keep the Sabbath Day holy. You have felt on numerous occasions that watching TV on Sunday didn't bring you closer to Christ and decided that watching TV on Sunday wasn't a good idea. Then your cousins come over for the weekend. You really wanted to watch your favorite movie with them, but you ran out of time on Saturday night. They're going home late Sunday night and you probably won't see them for months! What do you do?

a) Watch the movie, It's a good movie--it even has a church in it. Besides, aren't we supposed to do stuff with our families on Sunday? Watching the movie will bring you closer together, right?

b) Say, "We'll watch it the next time we get together. Then we'll know what we want to do right off and not sit around saying, 'what do you want to do?' for an hour." Instead you decide to watch church videos, write letters to your grandparents, or help make the dessert for dinner together.

c) You sit in front of the TV wishing you were watching a movie and feeling that keeping the Sabbath is really restrictive.

Sing "I Know My Father Lives"

Read or recite Article of Faith 5

Scenario number 5: I have faith in the words of the prophets

The prophet said not to date until after age 16 and then only group date until you are ready for marriage (or courtship). You are sixteen. However, you and your favorite guy (who is LDS) have liked each other for a whole year now and he wants to celebrate by going out to a fancy restaurant and then to a movie alone with you. What will you say to him and why?

a) You tell him that sounds like a great idea. You're almost 17 now. Probably the prophet didn't mean the group date rule for 16 year olds as mature as you are. Besides, it is for a very special occasion.

b) You say that it sounds like fun, but you were thinking that maybe you could make a candlelight dinner at your house instead. Also, since his parents hadn't met your parents yet, you could invite both sets to join you. It would be like a restaurant, but you wouldn't be single dating, so you'd be following what the prophet said.

c) You say that his idea sounds really sweet, but you would feel more comfortable if you brought along another couple, since the prophet said to group date when you're sixteen until you're ready for courtship. You were thinking that to celebrate your anniversary, you could help start another romance. Wouldn't his best friend and your best friend be perfect for each other? You suggest that the two of you set them up on a double date with you for that night. You figure that group dating is the best way to go, especially since he still needs to go on his mission and you're not even out of high school yet.

Read or recite Article of Faith 6

Scenario number 6: I believe that the prophets' warnings are inspired.

The prophets have told us not to watch rated R movies. Would you watch a rated R movie under any of these circumstances?

a) Reviews said that it was a really good film, only rated R for language. You hear all of those words at school anyway.

b) It was assigned for your history class in an unedited version.

c) All of your friends said it shouldn't have been rated R and it was really terrific.

d) You heard that there was only one bad scene that you could close your eyes through or fast forward through.

Read or recite Article of Faith 7

Scenario number 7: I have faith that modesty brings blessings and I know that my body is sacred.

You know that we have been taught to wear modest clothing. We have been taught that modesty in apparel helps maintain modesty in thoughts and actions. It also shows respect for our bodies. However, you went shopping for a prom dress and all you could find was low-cut, backless, tight, strapless, short, and/or spaghetti strap dresses. It was very disappointing. At the last shop, you found one in your favorite color that was long enough and had sleeves. The only problem was that it was designed to be worn off the shoulder and the neck was still too wide and low, even if you wore the sleeves on your shoulders. What do you do?

a) Go to a fabric store and pick out a modest pattern and some fancy fabric so you can have a modest dress.

b) Buy the dress and think that since everyone else will be wearing short, tight, really low cut, sleeveless, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses, yours in comparison would hardly seem immodest.

c) Buy the dress, but buy some matching fabric to fill in the neckline a little bit.

Read or recite Article of Faith 8

Sing "Faith"

Scenario number 8: I have faith in the principle of repentance.

You did some things that required going to the Bishop to help with the repentance process. After a long and difficult struggle, the Bishop pronounced that you were forgiven. Later, you have a chance to go on a temple trip. What do you do?

a) Feel worthy and make an appointment with the Bishop for a recommend interview.

b) Feel like the Bishop said you were forgiven, but somehow there must be a difference between being forgiven and being totally clean.

c) Still feel totally unworthy to go to the temple, regardless of what the Bishop said.

Read or recite Article of Faith 9

Scenario number 9: I have faith in God's Promises in my Patriarchal Blessing

Your patriarchal blessing mentioned that you would have the blessing of going to the temple with a worthy priesthood holder that you love to be sealed for time and all eternity. However, there aren't many members around. You eventually meet this really sweet guy at school who is really interested in you. He seems interested in marriage and children and looks like he would be a good husband and father. One problem though, he's a non-member who isn't interested in the Church. You know he can't take you to the temple. What do you do?

a) Date and marry him if he asks anyway, figuring he's the best you can do around here.

b) Date him for a while, hoping that eventually he'll be interested in the Church.

c) Go somewhere with a large LDS population, hoping to find a worthy LDS man there.

d) Go to all of the LDS activities in your area so you can meet all of the LDS men in your area.

Read or recite Article of Faith 10

Scenario number 10: I have faith in the power of the priesthood

Your Mom has been really sick. She asked for a priesthood blessing. It said that, with her faith and the faith of her family, she would be healed. That was six months ago. What do you do?

a) Assume that the man who gave the blessing didn't know what he was talking about.

b) Work on your prayer and scripture study personally and encourage your family to do the same so that you will have enough faith for her to be healed.

c) Give up. Obviously she's not going to get better.

d) Realize that the Lord's time table is not your time table. Keep praying and hoping that she'll recover.

Read or recite Article of Faith 11

Scenario number 11: I have faith that I am a daughter of God and that he loves me

You've been taught that you are a daughter of God and that you are deserving of love and rich blessings. However, when you have bad days, you don't always feel that way. What do you tell yourself in this circumstance?

a) I look in the mirror and say, "I know I'm somebody. God spends his time on worthwhile people and things."

b) I look in the mirror, sigh, and wonder if the person who taught me really knew what I was like.

c) I look in the mirror, smile, and say, "Well, you're not perfect, but you're still great. Walk tall, you're a daughter of God."

d) I don't even look at myself in the mirror. I am so disgusted with who I am.

Read or recite Article of Faith 12

Scenario number 12: I have faith in the power of prayer.

It is late at night. Your brother gets a serious injury and is driven to the hospital. You're left alone with the rest of your siblings. It is possible that your brother might die. What will you do?

a) Cry a lot.

b) Talk about how you wish you had been there faster and maybe he wouldn't have been hurt.

c) Get on the phone with your friends. They just have to know what just happened.

d) Pray with your brother and sister. Tell Heavenly Father the situation and your fears. Even spend several hours on your knees, praying for your brother and for comfort. Pray to know that he'll be all right or that whatever happens, he's in the Lord's hands.

Read or recite Article of Faith 13

Scenario number 13: I have faith in the resurrection

Your friend got hit by a car and is in intensive care with severe head damage. You ask yourself, "What happens if she dies? What will I do?"

a) Cry. You'll miss her. But you won't go hysterical because you know that someday she'll be resurrected and you'll be able to see each other again. You believe that you will still be friends and that you'll have fun together in the millennium.

b) Freak out! She can't leave you! You'll never see her again!

c) Get mad at God. Doesn't He know she's too young to die?

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