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Bridal Shower Ideas

The following are some bridal shower ideas to keep in mind as you plan.

Get small baby food jars (emptied and cleaned) and get anything white from a kitchen. For example flour, sugar, salt, tapioca, etc. Find about ten things, and let the ladies guess what's in each jar without tasting smelling or feeling. You can also do this with kitchen spices. Remember no smelling. ~Sheryl

A Time of Day shower is fun. In the invites give each person a different time of day. Usually between 6am and 12 midnight, on the hour. Have everyone bring a gift for that time of day. Example 12 noon maybe a picnic basket, 8pm maybe some bed sheets, etc. Caution this can get pretty wild and funny. ~Sheryl

This is a little book that I have.  I will try to type in what it is about.  Each page is about 3x4 inches.

First Page  (poem)

Now we're having a party
As you can see,

We hope all are happy and
want to take part

In the games as they follow
But before you start

Read all the rules and
follow each sign,

Don't peek at your neighbors
And all will be fine.

Laugh all you want and
Come get in the line

To wish them a wonderful
married life so fine.

Page 2

What's your Name?

First place your nameon the blank line.  _________________________

Cross out matched letters in your name with the words   BRIDAL SHOWER

For each letter crossed out in your name score 10 points.

Score _____________________

Page 3

Flower Romance

How did he propose?  (Astor or Ask her)
What furnished the illumination by day? (Sunflower)
Who were the 4 bridesmaids? (Rose, Daisy, Lily, Heather, Violet)
When he went away, What did he say? (Forget me not)
Who was the bridegroom (Sweet William)
Where did he kiss her (Tulips)
What time was the wedding? (4 Oclock)
What did the bride wear on her head? (Bridal Werath)
What did she wear on her feet? (Lady Slipper)
What color was the bridesmaids dresses/ (lilacs)
If she refused, what would he have? (Bleeding Heart)
Being single, what did he often lose? (bachelor Buttons)

Score________________  (1 point for each one right)

Page 4


An overdramatic actor:  (Ham)
Sweet talk meaning a girl:  (sugar)
Slang for money: (Dough)
To be almost cold:  (Chilli)
An "ordor" amiss:  (Fish)
Two alike, as in cards:  (Pear)
What father brings home:  (Bacon)
While a tall candle burns, it is:  (Shortening)
Part of a bouquet:  (Flour)
A party for women:  (Hen)
Full of pep and energy: (Ginger)
When you trim a tree:  (Prune)
A drink from the alphabet:  (Tea)

Score__________________  (1 point for each correct answer)

Page 5


Let me call you S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   (sweetheart)
I Love you T_ _ _ _ _. (truly)
Let me be thine _ _ _ _ _ _  r. (forever)
_ _ _ _ i _ _ Song.  (wedding
Entreat me n _ _ to _ _ _ _ _ thee. (not, leave)
_ _ _ _ _ this house. (bless)
O P_ _ _ _ _ _ love. (perfect)
Jesus Thou Joy of L_ _ _ _ _  hearts.  (Loving)
_ _ _ _ _ _ Chorus. (Bridal)
O  P_ _ _ _ _ _  me.  (Promise)
Mendelssohn's wedding M_ _ _ _.  (march)
_ _ c_ _ _ _ you come to me.  (because)
We've only just _ _ _ _ _. (began)
_ _ _ _ _ a _ _ prayer.  (marriage)

Score _____________________

Add up score and see who wins ~Sheryl


First you get a teddy bear and you wrap it up real pretty like.  Then you tell the guest, " In this box is a "Teddy", we will pass it around like a hot potato game, When the music stops  the one holding the box is out. You keep doing this till only Two people are left.  The Last person Not holding the box, has to take into the bathroom, open the box and come out and model the "Teddy" for all to see.  Of course it's just a teddy bear, but the guests do not know that!  This game was a Big Hit at the shower, everyone loved it.  I allowed anyone who wasn't willing to model the "Teddy" to set out of the game.  If asked about size just say "One size fits all!" ~Sheryl

Kitchen Shower

My friend threw me a kitchen shower. Everyone was given a meal, and they had to write their favorite recipe and bring what was needed to make the dish. A cake mix and some baking dishes, etc. The refreshments were some of the recipes made up by the ladies. It is a great way to help a new bride build up her kitchen. ~Sheryl

Hand out index cards at the beginning of the shower, and have everyone write some advice to the newlyweds. ~Sheryl

Movie Star Theme

We were having this with my Ford side of the family, so we hung up a big banner saying Ford's Theater (and no presidents came...gggg)  In the invitation we gave each guest a different movie to use as a gift idea. It actually turned out soooo funny and creative.  Some examples:

Scent of a Woman
Pillow Talk
My Fair Lady
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Beauty and the Beast
The Chocolate War..........we had lots more good ones

Anyway, can you see how people had fun fitting a gift to these movie titles? The invitations were shaped like movie tickets, made on the computer. We passed out bags of popcorn and we bought cheap kiddie sunglasses from that Oriental Trading Co. thing, and gave everyone these funny star-shaped sunglasses to wear to have a group picture taken.  Decorations were movie posters we got from the video store. The game we did you could still do if you wanted.  We videotaped the groom answering questions about the bride, and then we played a variation of the Newlywed Game.  We had the remote ready, and when it was time to tell the answer for each question, we just played that much of the tape.  It was GREAT FUN.  We have done this game without the other movie stuff, so it may fit with whatever theme you are having. ~Sheryl

A year ago I helped give a bridal shower for a girl I visit taught.  I was in charge of the games.  We played a couple of games which were fun.  The first game involved taking pictures of wedding dresses and putting them on the bodies of celebrities.  It looked like the celebrity was wearing the wedding dress.  Then we passed around the pictures and the guests were to identify the celebrity.  We also used a picture of the bride-to-be and put in on a wedding dress page.  Hopefully, everyone got at least that one right.  The other game involved passing around a cup of jelly bellys and you had to identify its flavor.  We did 10 or 12 different flavors.  This one was a lot harder than it sounds.  There are a lot of different flavors.  ~Laura

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