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I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked

Purpose of the Activity: To learn to be more like Christ, to develop compassion and learn to help those who have needs, to develop a testimony that Jesus lived, died, and was resurrected

How we are setting this up

Letter to Our Helpers

Start the activity with a song "Come, Follow Me" (#116) and a prayer.

Primary President's Welcome--Welcome!   We're so glad you could be here with us.  Today we're going to learn more about what Jesus did.  When you listen to what he did, listen with your ears and your hearts. These things really happened in the scriptures. Your heart can feel the Holy Ghost as he tells that it is true.  Now, come with me to a time long before you were born; a time when Jesus walked on the earth.  Meet people that he blessed and learn how you can obey his command, "Follow thou me" (John 21:22).  When you see someone he blessed, ask yourself, how could I follow Jesus' example?

Divide the children into groups. Have a leader take each group out every few minutes. 

At the starting point, have a picture of Jesus and a sign with the words, "Come Follow Me."  Have Man-sized footprints lead to Room #1.

Helper #1--I can see!  I can see!

Leader--What happened?

#1--(retell story in Matthew 9:27-30 or Mark 10:46-52 or John 9:1, 6-11 in first person.  For this story, see Mark 10:46-52)

I was sitting on the side of a highway one day, begging, when I heard that Jesus of Nazareth was coming by.  I starting calling, "Jesus thou Son of David, have mercy on me!"  A lot of people told me to be quiet and not bother Jesus, but I cried even more, "Thou Son of David, have mercy on me."  Then Jesus stood still and called for me to come to him.  I trembled, but the people with him told me, "Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee."  So I got up and went to Jesus.  He asked me, "What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?"  I said, "Lord, that I might receive my sight."  Then Jesus said, "Go thy way; thy faith haith made thee whole" and suddenly I could see!

Leader--Jesus said, "Come follow me."  What could we do to help the blind?

#1--Well, you could be nice to them and be their friends.  Maybe you could even make tapes of books and stories for them.  But I bet you could think of ways to help people who can't see once you know what it is like yourself. (In room #1 wear blindfolds and try to figure out what various objects are, find out how to get around places using a game "How many steps?"  Try to do a daily chore like getting dressed without using your vision. Have someone who is blind report how they find matching outfits or read, etc.  For a service project, you could read or tell a story as a group on a tape.  Use various voices, make sound effects, etc.)

(follow footprints to room #2)

#2--I've been healed!  I can hear!

Leader--What happened?

#2--I couldn't hear and I couldn't talke very well.  Some of my friends took me to Jesus and asked him to bless me so I could be healed.  We went away from the group that Jesus was with.  Then he put his fingers in my ears, then spit and touched my tongue.  Then he looked up to heaven and said, "Ephphatha" which means be opened.  Suddenly I could hear and speak properly.  I know it was because Jesus used his power to heal me.  He told me not to tell anyone, but I'm so happy and grateful that I wanted you to know about his wonderful blessing I received. (See Mark 7:31-37)

Leader--That is so wonderful how Jesus helped you!  How could we help people who are deaf?

#2--Well, deaf people want play and do other things just like anybody else.   You could get to know them and be interested in them.  You could learn a little sign language, or smile to show them that you'd like to be their friend. (Go into room #2 and learn sign language--alphabet, greetings--or practice the signs for a song you're learning or have learned.  We're going to learn "Love One Another")

(follow footprints to room #3)

#3--Look at me!  I'm walking!

Leader--Did Jesus heal you?

#3--Yes. This is what happened.  I could not walk because of an illness.   My friends heard that Jesus was in a house in Capernaum, so four of them carried me there in a bed.  When we got there, the house was full and we couldn't even get in the door.  I just had to get close to Jesus so he could bless me, so my friends took me up to the roof, made a hole in the roof, and lowered my bed through the hole.   When I reached the floor, I was right at Jesus' feet.  Because Jesus knew I had faith in him, he said that my sins were forgiven.  Some people in the house were upset that Jesus forgave my sins.  They did not believe he was the Son of God and could do such a thing.  To them, Jesus was being irreverant towards Heavenly Father.   But when Jesus understood their feelings, He healed my body to prove that he was the Son of God and had authority from Heavenly Father to forgive my sins as well.   When everyone saw that I was healed, they thanked Heavenly Father for sending Jesus to us.  (in Matthew 11:5 and Matthew 15:30-31, for example, we know Christ healed the lame.  For this story, see Mark 2:1-12)

Leader--You are blessed to be healed.  How can we be like Jesus?  How can we help people who can't walk?

#3--Maybe you would open doors for them, push their wheelchair, or just walk with them and be their friend.  (in this room, sing "I'll Walk With You" CS p.140 or practice helping people with crutches or pushing wheelchairs. Half the kids could use the crutches or sit in the wheelchairs while the other half help them.  Learn to fold and unfold a wheelchair.  Do a relay race in a wheelchair or on crutches.)

(follow footsteps to room #4)

#4--I feel so much better now.

Leader--What happened?

#4--Well, I was feeling really sick.  I felt weak and dizzy and very, very hot.  My family said I had a fever.  Jesus came to our house and when he saw that I was sick, he laid his hands upon me.  I suddenly felt much better.  I wasn't hot or dizzy or weak anymore.  I was very grateful to Jesus for healing me, so I made him and his companions a really nice dinner. (for this story, see Matthew 8:14-15, you could also use Matthew 9:20-22)

Leader--Jesus was here too?  We keep missing him even though we're trying to follow him as well as we can.

#4--Yes.  He was just here.  I was so glad he could help me.

Leader--We're trying to be like Jesus.  How can we help people who are sick?

#4--Well, you could let them rest, bring them medicine or food, take them to the doctor, pray for them, or even ask them if they'd like a priesthood blessing.  Your dad or home teacher could give them one and that could help them feel better.  You could color them pictures or give them flowers or balloons to cheer them up.  (Make good get-well cards for someone sick in the ward or for future use)

(follow footsteps to a room that can get dark.  Read the story of the crucifixion.  Mary Magdelene is in this room.  She is crying. She is looking up as if she were watching Jesus hang on the cross while the story is being read.  Show pictures of Jesus suffering on the cross during this time.  When it says that the sky darkened, turn out the lights and continue in the dark.  Mary pantomimes taking down the body and taking it out the door.  Turn on the lights when the story says in the morning of the 1st day of the week.  In a minute, Mary returns, crying, but obviously happy.)

Leader--What happened?  You were so sad. 

Mary--I was very sad because I watched Jesus Christ, my Savior and my friend, die on the cross.  I could tell he was in terrible pain.  I also didn't want him to die because I would miss him so much! That was two days ago. But just now, I went to the tomb where we put his body, but he wasn't there anymore!  I saw two angels, wearing white, sitting where Jesus' body used to be.  They asked me why I was crying. I told them, because I don't know where Jesus' body is, and then I turned away.  I was crying.  Then Jesus came up to me, but I thought he was the gardener.  He asked me why I was crying and whom I was seeking.  I told him that if he took Jesus away, he should tell me where he put him and I will take him away.  Then he said, Mary, and I turned and looked at him.  Then I knew that it wasn't really the gardener, but Jesus, alive again.  I was so glad to see him and called him Rabboni, which means master.  I wanted to touch him, but Jesus told me not to because he hadn't gone up to Heavenly Father.  Then he told me to tell the disciples that Jesus went to my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God. So now I'm here to tell you and the disciples what Jesus told me. (See John 20:11-18) So you see.  He has healed my aching heart.  He has risen!  I can be with him again.  Death is not the end.   Plus, because Jesus died and was resurrected, I know I can be resurrected and I can be forgiven of my sins if I repent.  All of these things make me so happy!

Leader--I know what you are saying is true.  And I know this is something only Jesus could do.

Mary--Yes, but even little children can help people be happy by being loving and cheerful.  We can all give our lives by doing the things that Jesus wants us to do, even if it is hard.  Plus, we can share the good news--Jesus is alive!  We can be forgiven of sin!  We can be resurrected and live with our friends, family, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ again.  When people learn this for themselves, they become very happy!  Jesus can help heal their hearts too.

Leader--I am also very happy that Jesus is resurrected and that he died for my sins.  I know I can live with my family again in heaven.  I know that if we keep following Jesus like we did today, we really will be able to be with him in Heaven.

(Meet back in the original room.  Closing song, "Jesus Has Risen" CS p.70.  Closing prayer.  Refreshments--cookies shaped like footprints, fruit, etc.)

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