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Seasons and

As I learn more about holidays in other nations, they will be added. Please send me your ideas!


Christmas--Click Here for ideas

New Year's Eve

Play games, build a puzzle as a family, make a gingerbread house to eat on New Year's Eve, plan special snacks to eat, invite another family over, yell "happy New Year" out your front door to all of your neighbors at midnight (or whenever the kids should really be in bed)

President's Day

Read books about different presidents, paint pictures or make president masks, make dinner look like one of the president's faces. Use spaghetti for hair, meatball for eyes, olive for nose, tomato slice for mouth, or use your own ideas.

Groundhog Day--February 2nd

On Groundhog day, we always have sausage for at least one meal--get it, ground hog??? ~Liza

St. Patrick's Day

Have a green dinner. Serve salad, mashed potatoes with green food coloring, chicken dyed green, green rice, green jello, green Kool-aid, pizza with green cheese, etc.


April Fool's Day--April 1st

Instead of pouring milk from the milk carton or jug, put it in a colored pitcher, and use a little food coloring in the milk. The color won't be noticed until the milk is poured. The kids will love it! ~Jpgilman

Celebrate this "silly" day by popping popcorn with the lid off of the popper. The popcorn goes wild but it's really easy to sweep up! (Be careful if you use oil in the popper as it will splatter and burn if the kids are too close.) ~Jpgilman

May Day (or Lei Day)--May 1st

Make leis (flower, seed or shell necklaces) out of flower-shaped paper cut outs. Roll the petals by wrapping them around a pencil. String flowers onto strong, placing a inch piece of plastic straw between each flower.

Deliver baskets of flowers or candies to neighbors or friends. A basket could be made of 2 umbrella-shaped pieces of construction paper stapled together. The handle or the umbrella can then suspend the basket on an unsuspecting neighbor's doorknob.

Have a luau.

Plant flowers or other seeds. If it is still to chilly outside, decorate paper cups and plant seeds in the cups to transplant into the garden later.

Mother's Day

Today, Mom stays in bed while the kids and Dad make breakfast. Bring mom flowers in from the garden (even dandelions). For an activity, play "spin the bottle" and whoever the bottle points to says one thing they like about Mom.

Dandelion Party

Decorate bags by coloring dandelions on them with crayon or marker.  Fill bags with fun party favors (bubbles, candy, whatever).  Tell the kids to pick as many dandelions as they can and fill their bags with them.  Make wreaths, jewelry, flower arrangements, weave, make up a new hairdoo using them, decorate something with it, etc. with the dandelions.  See who can do the most creative thing with dandelions. At the end, serve ice water, lemonade or ice cream.  Or serve dandelion leaf salad or use another dandelion recipe (only from plants that have not been sprayed with weed killer). Spray everyone with the hose.  Pay a penny for ___ (# ) of dandelions if you wish.


Out of School

Have a bubble party with your kids or with the neighborhood. Have several containers of bubble making liquid and several rings, pipes, etc. for blowing bubbles. Make wishes on the bubbles. If they pop before they touch the ground, you just might get your wish!

Take each kid and a friend out to a special picnic, inexpensive restaurant, or fun place to play on the day school gets out.

Father's Day

Wake Dad up with his favorite breakfast.

Play a game in which all of the family members take turns saying why they love Dad.

For Father's Day we have made large chocolate kisses.  We use funnels as forms then filled with either fudge or chocolate rice crispy treats.  when they firm up we wrapped them in foil like a Hersheys kiss and stuck a loving message coming out of the top.  They're cute and easy. ~Kay

Independence Day

Hang out the flag, have a picnic or barbeque, make ice cream or make fancy shakes (use your favorite candy bars or special toppings)

Pioneer Day (July 24th)

Turn your little red wagon into a mini handcart by folding both ends of a large posterboard (length-wise) into the sides of the wagon. Dress up all of the kids in the house (or the neighborhood) and have a parade.

Labor Day



Have a Jack O'Lantern carving contest. Roast the seeds with salt for a tasty treat. Decorate the house with signs of fall and your favorite Halloween decorations. Make masks for the family members. Have a costume dinner--show up to dinner dressed up.

Have a scary dinner--eat bacteria pizza (cheese colored green), slime (Jell-O), eyes (peeled grapes or olives), worms (noodles), dirt (pudding covered with ground up Oreo cookies), etc. Use your imagination!


Other Occasions

Baby Showers





Priesthood Ordinations

Bridal Showers



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