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Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Games

Ads for different products were taken out of various baby magazines (diapers, medicine, lotion...and some everyday ads...paper towels, lunchables, sugar).  Anyway, these ads were glued to file folders and passed around the room.  All you had to do was write down the brand name of the product...but the brand name had been cut out of all the ads. There were about 15 ads being passed around. ~Shiela

I went to a baby shower with a teddy bear theme.  A whole clothesline of teddy bears was brought out.  Each wearing something (bib, diaper, onesie) and several more things attached directly to the clothesline (rattle, bottle, etc.).  Then they took the clothesline away.  The question to answer???  Nope - it wasn't trying to remember all the items, it was HOW MANY TEDDY BEARS WERE THERE?!  It was hilarious! ~Susan

Candy Concentration

Write or type out the word twice and use them to play concentration and when they make a match have them guess what candy bar relates.  The candy bar is the prize they get for winning.  We used a big poster board to play and put numbers on the back of the cards so they could choose two numbers and then a "Vanna White" could turn them over.  Have fun! ~Sheryl

2-bundle--almond joy
3-baby girl--Baby Ruth
4-baby boy--Big Hunk
7-baby names--whatchamacallit
8-hospital bill--$1000 bar
11-nine months--Rocky Road
12-nursing--milky way
17-umbilical cord--pull apart twizzlers

***OR*** use the following list:

Birth-Amazing Fruit
Nursing-Milk duds
Water Retention-bottled water
Bust Size-Good and Plenty
Crib Shopping-Spree
Daddy-Big Hunk
Mommy-Sweet Tart
Baby-Baby Ruth
Laundry-Now and Later
Coos and Giggles-Snickers
Pediatrition-Mr. Goodbar

Take a small plastic baby from the cake decorating area of Walmart and freeze it in an ice-cube.  When the guest arrive, hand the ice-cubed baby above the punch bowl.  Have all the guest guess what time the baby will be born during the shower (the baby is born when it drops into the punch bowl). ~Sheryl

Freeze plastic babies (from craft store) in ice cube trays.  Put ice cube baby in cup and give to each guest as they come.  First baby to be "born" wins. Any method to start "labor" is acceptable except for sucking on ice.

Give everyone a clothespin to put on their shirt when they arrive.  If you cross your legs and someone sees you, they get your clothespin.  The person with the most clothespins at the end of the night wins.  It's amazing how many women cross their legs without thinking.

Use clothespins and a string.  Attach one clothespin for each word that you can say that relates to baby stuff.  ie:  diapers, wipes, bottle, binky, crib, etc...  Give 20 seconds and the person with the most wins.

Put a bunch of baby related items on a tray before everyone gets there. Place on a center coffee table or somewhere noticable.  Everyone will think that they need to memorize all the items on the tray.  Ask the mother to be to take the tray out of the room.  Then ask what the mother to be was wearing.

Baby Shower Trivia Game -

Research about 20 questions about baby hood and then ask them at the shower. The winner is the one who gets the most correct. Some examples:
1.  Who sent Hansel and Gretel into the forest?
2.  What is the origin of the Teddy Bear?
3.  Name one of the most famous baby cookies that is shaped like a
4.  How did fairytales come about?
5.  How do you know if the milk for baby is warm enough?

(This one seems kind of hard.  I don't know any of the answers.  Let's see if there are any other fun ones!!)

(By the way, the answers are: 1--Their stepmother; 2--It was named after Teddy Roosevelt who loved the outdoors and hunting. He even posed like a grizzley bear to demonstrate how the grizzley he shot should be stuffed; 3--Help!!! I don't know! 4--In the Middle Ages and even later, they were stories told at bedtime to teach children that the world was a scary and forbidding place and to basically frighten them into being good; 5--test a few drops on your wrist or inner elbow. If it is comfortable to touch there, it will be fine for baby--or just breastfeed. It is always the right temperature)

Diaper Pin Blooper

Pin a cute diaper pin on each guest as she comes through the door.  As soon as the pin is in place, the guest is not allowed to use the word "baby" at any time during the shower.  Whoever slips has to relinquish her pin to the guest who first catches the blooper.  The guest who has the most diaper pins by the end wins.

Diaper Mess

This is really more of a gag than a game, but it gives everyone a good laugh. Purchase enough oversized white paper napkins to have one for each guest. Fold the napkins diagonally and place 4 or 5 plain chocolate m&m's in the center of each.  Bring the pointed ends of the napkin diaper-fashion into the center and secure with tape.  Pile all your diaper creations except one in a large bowl.  Place the one set aside briefly in the microwave or oven, just long enough to melt the chocolate.  When you're sure that diaper is sufficiently "gooey" add it to the others in the bowl.  At the shower, let each guest choose her own diaper-shaped treat out of the bowl and get set for the laughs as only one guest stuck with the messy diaper.

How Big is Big?

By the time of your shower, the expectant mother should be beginning to look big.  But how big is she really?  Test your guests ability to judge her circumference by arranging the following game.  Pass around a roll of toilet paper and instruct each person to take the amount she thinks it will take to fit around the mother-to-be's tummy.  Once everyone has torn off their "measuring tape" use the remainder of the roll to really measure her and compare that strip with those of the guests.  The "tailor" whose piece comes closest to the correct length wins!

What's in the Bag?

Place a numer of baby items in the bottom of a pillow case, such as a pacifier, cotton balls, wipes, bottle, plastic keys, etc.  Pass the pillow case around giving each person 30 seconds to feel what is in the bag before she passes it to the next player.  After passing the bag, the guest must write down everything she can remember feeling in the bag.  The winner is the one who remembers the most items correctly.

Baby Shower Questions

Pass out note cards and pencils to each attendee. Each person writes a common baby question such as "What do you do when a baby cries?" or "How do you get a baby to sleep through the night?" Then collect the cards and redistribute them face down (so you cannot see the question) and have see attendee write the answer to their initial question on the blank side. Then read the cards and get ready to laugh!

For example, you could have a card with the question "What do you do when a baby cries?" on one side and the answer "Shake it up and down until it's ready" on the other.

Baby Shower Word Scramble Game

Pick 10 or so words related to babies and scramble the letters. Photocopy the scrambled words on a sheet of paper for each party attendee. Give a time limit of about 5 minutes for each person to try to unscramble the words. Here is a sample of 20 words to get you started (some easy, some hard).

Scrambled Unscrambled
Raxbont Kisch
Irnbhgit Moro
Kirgonc Hicar
Yabb Gnisw
Gapar Sett
Tspi Pu
Ditmnhig Nesegfid
Braxton Hicks
Birthing Room
Rocking Chair
Baby Swing
Apgar Test
Spit Up
Midnight Feedings

Remembering Baby Items on a Tray Game

Place several baby items on a tray. Present the tray to the attendees for 15 seconds. Then hide the tray and have them write down the baby items they remember. The baby shower attendee with the most correct items wins! The tray is then given to the guest of honor since she will need the items. Here are some sample items:

Baby Pins
Travel Baby Shampoo
Travel Baby Oil
Ear syringe
Cotton Balls
Syrup of Ipecac
Pair of socks
Small baby toys
Wash cloth
Small bottle/sipper

Finding Baby Pins in Rice Game

Place a dozen plain safety pins (of different sizes) in a large bowl of rice. Blind fold the player and give him/her 60 seconds to pull out as many pins a possible. The one who pulls out most pins during that time wins.

Guess the Number of Jelly Beans in the Baby Bottle Game

Fill a baby bottle with little jelly beans (or other small candy). Show the attendees the baby bottle and have them guess how many beans are in the baby bottle. How about picking the mom's favorite small candy to use to fill? Or use baby pins instead of candy in the guessing game.

Baby Bottle Bowling Game

Line up empty baby bottles on the floor. Use a small, soft ball. Have each player take one turn to bowl down the bottles. The one who knocks down the most bottles wins!

Embroidered Cloth Baby Diapers

Every baby needs spit up wipes. If your baby shower attendees are handy with a needle, provide needles, embroidery thread and cloth diapers. While sitting around talking, everyone embroiders one (or more) diapers. Ideas to embroider are the baby's last name (or first name if known), flowers, blocks, bottles, or just trim the edges. Mom-to-be will love these after the baby is born.

Try Not to Say "Baby" Game

Every baby shower attendee gets a baby diaper pin to pin on his/her clothes. Everyone tries not to say "Baby" during the party. When someone does, the first person who catches the slip, gets to confiscate the pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the party, wins!

Taste Test Baby Food Game

Cover the labels of several jars of baby food with numbered labels. Each person takes a sample on his/her paper plate and writes the number from the bottle. Each guesses the name of the baby food and the one with the most correct guess wins!

If you do not want to taste the food, then remove the labels from the jars and guess the contents by the looking.

Baby Pictures Guessing Game

Everyone brings a baby picture of him/herself. The host/hostess displays the numbered pictures. The baby shower attendee who guesses the most correct wins! Great for coed parties. (Be sure to mention in the baby shower invitation to bring a baby picture.)

Cotton Ball Scoop

Get two large bowls and fill one up with cotton balls. The attendee is blind folded and tries with a heavy metal spoon or ladle to try and get as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other. It's actually very hard because all you feel is the weight of the spoon! The attendee who gets the most cotton balls into the other bowl wins.

Clothes Pin Grab

Two attendees to hold a long cord (meant to resemble a clothes line), with numerous clothes pins attached. Everyone has to try with ONE hand to get as many clothes pins off while still holding them in your ONE hand. As soon as you drop one you are out and that one does not count. The Whitehead family record was 17. What was your party's record?

Cotton Ball Transfer

Pass around a jar of vaseline and tell everyone to take as much as he/she needs. When everyone has some on his/her finger, tell them to cover their nose with it! The objective of the game is to get as many cotton balls from a big bowl to the floor in 60 seconds only using the vaseline covered nose. The attendee with the most balls on the floor wins (balls on the nose do not count).

Hint: To get the balls off the nose, shake your head or blow on the balls. Most likely, laughing will not make them come off!

Mom-to-be Trivia Game

Compile a list of about 20 questions about the mom-to-be to ask the attendees to see who knows her the most. The attendee with the most correct answers wins. You might be surprised who wins!

Sample questions include the following:

What names does she have for picked for the baby?, Does she hope for boy, girl or either?, What are the color of her eyes?, What are the colors she has picked for the nursery?, What is she wearing today?, What is her favorite children's character (Pooh, Bart Simpson, etc)?, Has she had any crazy food cravings and if so, what was it?

Baby Name Song Guess

Tanya suggested a tape be made with short snippets of songs (10 - 25 seconds in length) with names in the title. If the sex of the baby in known, use names for that gender.

Play the songs and have people guess the name of the song and the artist. The one with the most correct song titles and artists wins!

Examples of songs for a girl would include: "Cecilia" by Simon and Garfunkel, "Mona Lisa" and "Ramblin' Rose" by Nat King Cole, and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" by the Beatles, Sara Smile by Hall and Oats.

Examples of songs for a boy would include "Fernando" by Abba, "Hey Jude" by the Beatles, "Thomas O'Malley Cat" from the Disney movie "Aristocats", the James Bond Theme by Monty Norman Orchestra, and "Don't Mess Around with Jim" by Jim Croce.

For baby of unknown gender, you could mix some of each of the songs above. Or you could use songs with the word "baby" in them.

Name Poem with Advice

If you already have a name picked out, have the attendees make a poem with the letters of the name. For example if the first letter is N the tip could be "Never pull on daddy's mustache ." The next letter could be E and the tip could be "Eat all your veggies!"

Stork Bingo

This game works like regular bingo, but instead of using the word "bingo" across the top of the card, use the word "stork" instead. Also use baby words such as bassinet, crib, bottle, etc., for the content of the card.

How did these baby shower games work for you? What ideas do you have for baby shower games? Let the people at Games@dfcreations.com know what you think. ~Contributed by Sheryl

You can have a diaper changing contest.  Get a stuffed animal or doll, some cloth diapers and pins and time each person. Whoever can do it the fastest wins. 

Pin the binki on the baby is a fun one.  You can make adorable candy binki handouts with lifesavers.  Glue a gumdrop on a big lifesaver (covering the hole) with frosting.  Break another lifesaver in half and glue to other lifesaver forming the handle on the binki.  You can different colored ribbons through the handle of each binki.  I don't know how to describe those very well, but they are adorable. 

You can also give each person a piece of paper and a crayon.  They have to draw a picture of a baby, in detail, without lifting the crayon off the paper.  It's so much harder than it sounds and you get some pretty interesting babies.  You can take the name of the father and the mother and give them a time limit to make as many baby names out of their two names. 

Have a baby bottle with M&M's in it and have them guess how many are in it.  At the end of the night, whoever has closest to the right number wins the candy. 

As they come in you can put tags on their backs that have words that have to do with baby things, i.e., spitup, dirty diaper, binki, burp rag, baby powder, changing table, etc.  They have to guess what's on their back by only asking questions that can be answered by "yes" or "no."  It's good to do while you're waiting for everyone to show up.  ~Susan

Nursery Puzzle

1. Irreplaceable egg  (Humpty Dumpty)
2. A fast Pyro  (Jack be Nimble)
3. A rolling duo (Jack and Jill)
4. A trio of handicapped rodents (three blind mice)
5. An elderly woman with unusual living quarters (There was an old woman)
6. Jolly Royalty (Old King Cole)
7. Opposites attract (Jack Sprat)
8. A meal ruined by an insect (Little miss Muffet)
9. A sleepy horn blower (Little boy blue)
10. A rodent with good timing (Hickory Dickory dock)
11. Three prominate townsmen baththing together (Yike!!!) (Rub a dub dub)
12. A sleep running little boy (Little willy winkey)
13. A non complicated man (Simple Simon)
14. A elderly woman with no food (old mother hubbard)
15. Baking Royalty (The queen of hearts)
16 A musical feline (Hey diddle diddle)
17. A exhausted little boy who didn't dress for bed (Deedle Deedle
Dumpling--My son John)
18. This man ate squash (Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater)
19 A tardy scholar (A dillar a dollar)
Have a great shower!!!  Glad it's you and not me!! ~Susan


1.  If you ever saw a cow jump over the moon, write NO in spaces 1, 4, 14, and 16. If not, write R in those spaces.
2.  If "P" comes before "L" in the alphabet, put a 3 in space 3. If not write the letter "F" in space 3.
3.  If 467 is more than 12 dozen, write "E" in spaces 2, 5, 9, 15, and 17.  If not, write "Q" in those spaces.
4.  If you would like candy better than mosquitoes, indicate with and "S" in spaces 6 and 12.  If not consult and analyst.
5.  Close one eye and without counting on your fingers, write the 8th letter of the alphabet in space 7.
6.  If Shakespeare wrote, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star", put a "Z" in space 20.  Otherwise put "Y" there.
7.  If white and black are opposite, write "M" in space 8, otherwise, write an "N" there.
8.  If 2 quarts make 1 pint, draw and elephant in space 10; otherwise, write an "N" there.
9.  If summer is warmer than winter, put a "D" in space 19, and a "T" in space 11.
10. If you think all of this is foolish, write the first letter of the alphabet in 13 and 18.  Read the results, and then do as you please.

(The answer is REFRESHMENTS ARE READY.  This game gives you time to get
the refreshments out.) ~Laura


1.  Who was a merry old soul? (Old King Cole)
2.  Who lost there mittens? (3 little kittens)
3.  Who jumped over the candle stick? (Jack)
4.  Who had so many children she didn't know what to do? (Old Woman who
Lived In The Shoe)
5.  Who had a bare cupboard?  (Old Mother Hubbard)
6.  Who pulled out a plum?  (Little Jack Horner)
7.  Who lost her Sheep?   (Little Bo Peep)
8.  Who could eat no fat?  (Jack Sprat)
9.  Who sang for his supper? (Little Tommy Tucker)
10. Who went to sleep with on shoe off and one shoe on? (My son John)
11. Who couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again? (Kings Horses and Men)
12. Who jumped over the moon? (Cow)



1.  She will _____ for breach of promise. (Sue)
2.  The boys have to _____ across the stream. (Wade)
3.  The ______has a red breast. (Robin)
4.  It is always darkest before the _____.  (Dawn)
5.  She asked them to _____her hair. (Bob)
6.  We have to pay our light ______today. (Bill)
7.  I would go through ______ high water. (Helen)
8. The ______was on fire. (Forrest)
9.  The _____held the students spellbound. (Dean)
10. ______comin' round the mountain when she comes. (Shelby)


The following MUST be answered honestly in order for you to go to HEAVEN:
If you are chewing gum, lose 5 points
Add 4 points if you came in a car with more than 2 people
For every earring you are wearing, add 2 points
If your legs are crossed, lose 6 points
If you are wearing pink give yourself 5 points
Add 10 points if you took a shower or bath today
Add 3 points if you are smiling
Now it's time to total---

(Give a prize to the one with the most points.) ~Laura


1.   Where tools are kept.(chest)
2.   Part of a wagon. (tongue)
3.   Grown on a cornstalk (ear)
4.   Type of macaroni (elbow)
5.   A school child (pupil)
6.   Tropical trees (palm)
7.   Edge of a saw (teeth)
8.   Used by carpenters (nail)
9.   Part of clock (hand or face)
10. What a wrecker does (tow)
11. Parts of a tree (limbs)
12. Place of worship (temple)
13. Put it to the wheel (shoulder)
14. Part of a river (mouth)
15. A young cow (calf)
16. An entrance (arch)
17. Type of watch (wrist)
18. Keep it out of other business (nose)
19. Tortoise won the race (hare)
20. Weather cocks (vane)



How did Mary's garden grow?  (silver bells, cockle shells, &pretty maids in a row)
How many bags of wool did the sheep have?  (3 bags full)
What did Bo Peep lose? (her sheep)
What did the dish run away with? (spoon)
What couldn't all the King's Horses and all the King's Men do for Humpty Dumpty? (put him together)
Who did Simple Simon meet on his way to the fair?  (pie man)
What did little Ducky Duddle go wading in? (puddle)
When the "Little Steam Put" got all steamed up what did it shout? (Tip me over and pour me out)
What hour did the clock strike in "Hickory Dickory Dock? (1)
Where did Jack Horner sit? (corner)
What bad thing did Georgie Porgie do? (Kissed all girls)
What happened to Jack and Jill after they climbed up the hill? (Jack fell, broke his crown and Jill tumbled after)
What did the itsy bitsy spider climb up? (Waterspout)


Animal Babies

As You undoubtedly know,the babies of the animal kingdom each has its own distinctive name.  Write the baby name of the animals listed below.

1.  Bear  (cub)
2.  Sheep (lamb)
3.  Duck (duckling)
4.  Frog (tadpole)
5.  Swan (signet)
6.  Chicken (chick)
7.  Horse (colt)
8.  Swine (piglet)
9.  Deer (fawn)
10. Elephant (calf)
11. Cat (kitten)
12. Lion ( cub)
13. Seal (pup)
14. Moose (calf)


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