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1998 Young Women Worldwide Celebration:
Turning Hearts to the Family

Purpose: To help each young woman turn her heart to and strengthen her association with her family

The Invitation for Young Women (and ideas on how to help it happen)

Camp Ideas for 1998 Theme

Introducing the Theme in New Beginnings

Read Malachi 4:6 as part of the presentation.

Provide each young woman with a copy of "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" at New Beginnings

Discuss how the Proclamation matches with the Young Women Values

Encourage family-oriented goals for this year, to match with the year's theme

Have heart shaped cookies

Have heart shapes hang from the ceiling, so they can turn

Sing one of the Primary songs about family history or hymns about family and love.

Turning Hearts: Activities Based on the 1998 Theme

Worldwide Celebration Ideas for November 1998

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