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Visiting Teaching is a program directed by the Lord to ensure that every sister's needs are met. As visiting teachers, we are the Lord's hands, mouth, and ears as we serve, speak, and listen to those under our stewardship with love. I know that as we fill our callings as visiting teachers, we will bless our own lives as well as those of people around us, there will be increased unity among the sisters and in the ward, and many miracles will be performed.

Visiting Teaching Motivated by Love--Rules for Visiting Teaching

Visiting Teacher's Excuses--to the tune of "Que Sera Sera" (What Will Be, Will Be)

Visiting Teacher Skits--Two skits "The Relief 'Sole'-ciety" and "Hats Off"

Visiting Teacher's Stewardship--Scriptures and thoughts on Visiting Teaching--Spells Visiting Teachers Stewardship down the side.

Visiting Teaching Articles--A list of Ensign articles related to visiting teaching

Ways to Serve Those Whom You Teach

Offer to carpool with her to the next Homemaking Night

Offer to clean up part of the house if she is having a hectic day

Offer to drive one of her children to a lesson or appointment on a busy day

Offer to pick up a few groceries for her

Help her rearrange her living room

Watch her children so she can get something done or so she can take a break

Take her out to ice cream or bagels and have a nice chat

Offer to help weed her garden

Bring her flowers just because you like her

Exercise with her

Order the Ensign for her if she doesn't have a subscription

(See Random Acts of Kindness and the Service List for more ideas)

Visiting Teaching for Single College-Aged Women

Help her study for a big exam

Offer to type a paper for her

Plan a double or group date with her

Go shopping together for inexpensive furnishings

Do a fun craft together

Offer to help her with her laundry or other household jobs--especially during midterm or final exam time

Bring her healthy snacks to munch while studying

Invite her over to dinner

Get your hair cut together

Offer her a ride to the dry cleaners, hair stylist, post office, mall, or other places that might be inconvenient to walk to

Help her pick out an outfit for the next dance

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