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Motivated by
(Rules for Visiting Teaching)

One of the most important things we can do is love those whom we teach and share that love with them through our actions and words.

Listen with Love

When we ask a sister how she is doing, we should expect more than the pat answer, "I'm fine." We should ask questions about what is going on in the sister's life so we can care for her better. If she expresses frustration, anger, or any other negative emotion, we should not judge her, but express sympathy and compassion. Sometimes, all she needs to do is vent and then she will feel better.


Many times visiting teachers see or hear things while visiting teaching which are personal. Sisters, let's keep them that way! Gossip is not motivated by love, but by selfishness. Part of showing love to the sisters we teach is keeping our conversations confidential, unless circumstances warrant that the Relief Society president and/or Bishop be made aware of problems or needs. If we maintain confidentiality, we will earn our sisters' trust, allowing us to serve in even greater ways.


Pray for those whom you visiting teach every day. Pray with your companion before visiting each sister. If the sister would like you to, pray with those that you visiting teach. Doing this will help you be more in tune with the Spirit and help you know what to do for each sister in your stewardship.

Prepare and share the lesson with the Spirit

Teaching with the Spirit is the most effective way I know to share Gospel principles with others and help them know that the principles taught are true. The best way I know to teach with the Spirit is to pray before I teach and prayerfully prepare the lesson. If I have a testimony of the principle myself, and I share that testimony with others with the Spirit, that testimony is sure to be felt by those that I teach.

More than just once a month

An important thing about visiting teaching is that we visiting teach sisters, not numbers. People are not something to check off of a list every month. "Well, I got that done!" If you really love those that you visiting teach, you will care about them, even before you visit them in the month, and long after your visit is done. You'll pray for them, call them up and see how they're doing, smile at them in church and sit next to them, etc.

Be a friend

Last month, my visiting teacher asked me if there was anything that I needed. My life is busy, but I really don't need a loaf of bread or a meal brought in. I don't need little treats brought to my door or stuffed animals. I don't need more magnets. What I need is a friend. Those other things are nice, but unless they are coming from someone who really cares about me, I will just enjoy the bread and the meal, get fat with the treats, fill my house with the animals and magnets, and still fill empty inside. I want someone to call me up just to talk, to invite me out to lunch, to make crafts or go shopping or wash my windows with me. These are things I want to do with a friend. This does not mean that my visiting teachers have to be my best friends, but they can show that they care about me and like me.

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