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Service List

Read a story to a child. Sweep a floor.
Vacuum a floor. Wash a sink full of dishes.
Empty a dishwasher of clean dishes and put the dishes away. Help clean a car, either inside or out. Vacuum, dust, polish, or wax.
Clear off a table. Fold laundry.
Put food away. Straighten a room.
Put groceries away. Pick up toys.
Wash 2 windows. Quiet a fussy child.
Clean out a fridge. Dust furniture in one room.
Sweep out a garage. Clean out a barbecue grill.
Mop a floor. Get a child ready for bed.
Sing a song. Move a heavy object (that needs moving)
Plant some flowers. Weed a garden.
Harvest garden produce. Help fix a fence.
Change a light bulb. Unclog a toilet.
Clean a bathtub. Clean a sink.
Clean a mirror. Help bake something.
Restack a woodpile. Vacuum a couch.
Organize craft supplies. Cut vegetables.
Help can fruit. Disinfect doorhandles or lightswitches.
Fix a screen window. Organize spices.

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