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Visiting Teaching

The Relief 'Sole'-Ciety

Hats Off

The Relief ‘Sole’-Ciety
A skit written by Laurel Hart

Cast: Relief Sole-ciety President Sister Blister
Visiting Teachers.  With posters identifying them as various kinds of shoes.

Scene: The Relief Sole-ciety Shoe Store.  A sign bearing the name sits on the desk.  A backdrop of shelves of shoe-boxes is behind the desk.  Sis. Blister limps in with a “barefoot” poster hung on her front.

R.P. Hello, Sister Blister.  Can I help you?
S.B. I don’t know.  My sole is really hurting.  (She points to the foot)
R.P. Yes, I can see that you need some help.
S.B. Oh, I am afraid I am beyond help.  You see, I’ve become calloused and I flatly refuse to think there is any hope for me.
R.P. Now, now, don’t talk that way.  You’ve taken a step in the right direction by coming here. After all, this is the Relief Sole-ciety, and we specialize in taking care of “de-feet”.  (She points to the foot.)
S.B. (With a spark of hope in her voice) You do?
R.P. Not so fast.  Not just any pair will do.  You have very special problems so we need to be selective in our decision as to which would fit you the best.  Let me introduce you to some of our most popular pairs, and I think you will be able to choose for yourself.........

(The LOAFERS come out very casually, looking rather bored)

S.B. That pair looks pretty nice.
R.P. Yes, but they’re really just a couple of loafers.  They accepted the call to be visiting teachers, but they just refuse to get instep with the program.  They rarely make their visits, even though they seldom have a good excuse.

LOAFERS: 1.  Should we do our visiting teaching, Penny?
2.  I can’t I’m studying to be an Oxford graduate.

S.B. You’re right.  I guess I wouldn’t want them.


R.P. Here’s another pair.  But I don’t think you’d want them either.
S.B. Why not?
R.P. Well, sometimes they go out and sometimes they don’t.  They flip flop from month to month.  Very undependable.

FLIP FLOPS: 1.   Let’s go visit teaching
2.  Oh, let’s not
3.  Okay, let’s not.
4.  Well, maybe we’d better.
(The flip flops exit, still trying to make up their minds.)

S.B. I guess they’re the thong kind of visiting teacher too.

(The SNEAKERS peek around the curtain and then sneak out when they see the coast is clear.)

S.B. Is that the pair for me?
R.P. No I’m afraid not.  They’re just a couple of sneakers.  Oh, they do get out and do their teaching every month, but they do it on the very last day.  Their visits are made more for the rolls to look good than for the needs of the sisters.  And then after they do their duty that’s the last their sisters see or hear from them until the next month, on the last day.

SNEAKERS: 1.  Shh, Give us a break.
2.  Yeah, we’re just too tied up to get out sooner.
(They sneak off stage.)

R.P. Well, Keds will be Keds, I guess (she shakes her head)

(The Furry Slippers enter.)

S.B. Boy, they look great.
R.P. Yes, but don’t let their appearance fool you.  They’re one of the worst pairs.  Underneath that soft, warm surface is a cold heart.  They say they want to help and they offer their total support, but sooner or later you will find that these offers are flimsy and certainly not fur real.  Somehow, when you really need them, they always manage to have just slipped out.

SLIPPERS: 1.  Heh, heh, heh.
2.  See you later
(They slip out)

(A PAIR ON CONVERSE TENNIS SHOES enter, whispering and laughing)

S.B. Can I trust this pair?
R.P. I’m afraid not.  They have their problems too.  They’re faithful in coming each month, but when they do, they converse, and converse, and converse, and never about the visiting teaching message, either.  It’s always just gossip.  And what’s worse, their tongues are loose and have a hard time keeping confidences.

CONVERSE SHOES: 1.  (Very offended) Well, after all, we’re not hush puppies.
2.  Come on, I’ve got to tell you about Sister Jones....they exit, whispering)

S.B. I’d never “bare my sole” to them.

(The HIGH HEELS enter)

S.B. My, but aren’t they stylish?
R.P. Yes, but believe me.  They’ll cramp your style.  They make a good first impression, but they’ve got so many things on their mind.  Your worries are the least of their concern. They just can’t hold you up over the long haul.

HEELS: 1.  Can you wait up a minute, my calves are killing me.
2.  Hurry, or we’ll be late for the sale at ZCMI
(They scurry off the stage.)

ALL-AROUNDS: 1.  You can count on us to buckle down and work out those problems together.
2.  We’ll give you plenty of room to be yourself... And don’t worry, our tongues don’t wag.

S.B. Yes, I am sure that you are the pair that can raise my self- esteem and heel my tired sole.
R.P. (To audience) Let me add just one final footnote: If this shoe fits, wear it.

HATS OFF (Visiting Teaching Skit)
By Billie Bess Jewett

Opening: (By one of the counselors in the Presidency)
(background of soft music)

We’re here tonight to tell you, of the love we feel for you,
We know your lives are busy...and you have a lot to do,
But never do we hear a “cry”,
as you all do your best...
The monthly message, love and care...
And you do all the rest,
Our lonely sisters wait each day to hear you ring their bell,
Oh, you Visiting do your job so well.

And now we’re just beginning an evening just for you,
To tell you that WE LOVE YOU and appreciate what you do.

Yes Visiting Teachers...we have planned this (night/day) just for you. It’s for you, it’s about you, and it’s to honor you, for your enjoyment now, We present a very special fashion show: THE MANY HATS OF A VISITING TEACHER.

This visiting teacher is wearing an interesting hat,
It’s one each visiting teacher would wear, wherever she’s at.
This hat is made of’s really quite chic,
It’s one we should wear every day of the week.
Have your sisters “felt” of your love,
Have they “felt” of your care?
Have they “felt” your sweet spirit?
Is this hat one that you wear????

A nurse’s cap is one that Visiting Teachers often wear,
Because very often we give the sick tender care.
Not very many have a nursing degree, that’s true...
But if you are ill, call your visiting teacher,
She’ll take care of you.

This good sister does her visiting teaching all the time.
It doesn’t matter what kind of weather...rain...or shine??!!
She still keeps her appointments, She won’t let anything get in her way,
‘Cause she is doing the Lord’s work and it’s the most important work
she’ll do this day.

Wow, here’s a visiting teacher whose hat’s really buzzin’,
For her sisters she does neat things...nice things by the dozen;
This sister is busy, yes, busy as a bee,
Yet she contacts her sisters not just once, but two times, maybe three.
She wants to know if they’re happy..or “down”,
It doesn’t matter...she’ll share a smile or a frown.
Her sisters all love her and know her love’s strong
And she makes them feel they really “bee-long”.

Now you may wonder, where in our fashion show this hat is going to fit?
Well, I’ll tell you; as a visiting teacher to your sisters are you  really “close knit”?

The early bird gets the worm, we all know that.
Well, this visiting teacher gets to wear the “early bird” hat,
She makes her visits early, -she doesn’t wait til’ month’s end,
Yes,...she’s a visiting teacher on whom you can depend.

Our working sisters have schedules that are tight,
But these sweet sisters still do their “teaching” -they do it at night.
For them we model a night cap and smile,
Because we feel they really do go the extra mile!!

My goodness!  This visiting teacher wears a chef’s hat on her head’s top
And besides all that...she carries a mop.
Many times those we visit need a floor scrubbed and some dinner,
So, as a visiting teacher you do it....’cause you’re a real winner.

Oh dear, what’s the matter with you?
Ah-did you know that your hat is slightly askew?
There...That’s better...but I think our problem I know,
It’s that hat, the “last straw” from which your excuses grow.
“I’m always so busy, tho’ I really do try”
“It seems that my days just simply “fly by”
It’s the last day of the month...and my teaching’s not done.
No time for a message...I really must run!
The “last straw” hat???  Let’s don’t wear that!!!

A mortar board hat, now how does that fit in?
As visiting teachers...are we graduating’??
But we have some new sisters, they’re such sweet little things,
And,oh, so young, they’re still in their teens.
From the young women’s program to Relief Society is quite a big jump.
A loving and caring visiting teacher can help ‘em over the hump!!!

Hmmmmm, a hat full of tacks!????  That’s a hat of a different kind.
But it’s one we all must wear... At least some of the time.
Many times when we visit we must watch what we say,
We must be lovingly “tactful”, as we visit some days.

As visiting teachers, a phone’s our best friend.
After we visit...we can check on our sisters right thru month’s end.
Yes, a call can show others just how much we care,
And that for them, we will always be there.
Or, how about turning this concept the other way,
Do your sisters feel they can “call” you both day and night?
A visiting teacher is a good listener...and even on the phone,
can show LOVE,
And this pleases not only your sister...but our Father above.

The MANY HATS OF A VISITING TEACHER and there are many it’s true,
And each one is worn at some time by YOU.
You are very special the ___________________Ward
And each month to the sisters special messages take,
We love you each one...Appreciate all you do
And we know those you visit love each of you, too!!

(At this point, the President of RS takes over and asks some pre-assigned teachers to relate a special experience they have had as a Visiting Teacher.  Have someone bear a testimony as to the worth of the Visit Teaching program.)

The President closes with her own testimony of Visit Teaching, and relates her love to the sisters of the ward in her own way.  She explains her need for each of the RS members and wishes them well in the year to come.  She helps them realize the importance of their sweet spirits, and their charitable traits, etc. And sincerely thanks them.

INVITATION: A cute colored hat (paper) with a feather on it.

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