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Visiting Teaching

VISITING  TEACHING articles as listed in the yearly Ensign Index

Jan p. 65 Pray Before You Go
Mar p. 65 Bring All Things to Your Remembrance
July p. 65 All I Had to Give
Aug p. 30 They Loved Me No Matter What
Aug p. 58 I Invited Them In
Oct p. 66 A Great and Solemn Duty

Mar p. 34 Becoming a Better HT / VT
Mar p. 34 Feeding His Sheep
Apr p. 58 Accepting the Challenge to Change

Apr p. 70 Beyond a Monthly Visit

Mar p. 28 Learning to Cherish VT
June p. 20 Help Me Help Ruth
Dec p. 57 Prompted to Bring One More

April p. 60 Hadn't I Given Enough?
June p. 62 I Have a Question (less active member)

Mar p. 58 Angels on Horseback
Mar p. 59 I Chose a Different Lesson
Mar p. 59 Indomitable Ann
Mar p. 61 Love, Olive
Mar p. 61 Smith's Circle
Mar p. 62 Wrong Road, Right Message
Oct p. 45 Where Had I Found Her Name

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