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"I Can't Go Today"

To the tune of "Que Sera, Sera" (What Will Be, Will Be)
by Ruth D. Ellis, Orem, Utah

(Verse 1)
We've had an awful time this year
We haven't done any teaching at all;
We've been willing and ready to go
Until our partner's call.

"I can't go today,
I just got some company
I couldn't just leave them you see.
They're from far away.
We'll try another day.

When it was January first
We vowed together we wouldn't miss.
Then on the last day of the month
We got a call like this--

I can't go today,
My hubby is taking me
To town with him, you see.
I can't get away,
Try another day.

When February came we called
Better go teaching, don't you agree?
What's all the hurry? We've got all month.
Then came her call to me--

I can't go today,
My washing's piled up on me,
I've nothing to wear, you see,
It breaks my heart to say,
I can't go today.

March came in softly like a lamb
My partner mellowed, she was not the same.
She called me early, we set the date,
Then complications came.

I can't go today,
I have such an aching head.
I really should be in bed.
I'll see you around.
Got to go down town.

April and May were both alike.
She had her daughter home for a while.
I thought we'd make it, but those last days
Her calls just made me smile.

I can't go today
I've got so involved somehow.
I'm tending my grandkids now.
I feel bad to say,
I can't go today.

June and July were just too hot.
August she spent getting ready for school.
Then in September she just forgot.
October brought a jewel.

I can't go today,
I just got a job, you see.
I think they're releasing me.
I just hate to shirk,
But I need to work.

We hate to break our record now.
We'll just let 98 pass somehow.
We'll get all ready now for this year.
Somehow we'll got out--don't fear.

Will you join us dears,
And make this a banner year?
We'll all have so much fun
If our teaching's done.

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