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Relief Society

flowerThe Relief Society is the women's organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the world. Its purpose is to bring women and their families to Christ and to help them become their best selves. Likewise, this page is designed with women's needs, special talents, and interests in mind, Latter-day Saint or not. However, men should also feel free to browse these pages. We hope your visit will bring you relaxation, reassurance, refreshment, recipes, and revitalizing ideas. Womanhood provides opportunities for service and giving, but here you can receive as well.


flowerWhat's New?

flowerRelief Society Declaration

flowerIdea Index for All About Mormons

flowerThe Provident Woman--Preparedness, Recipes, Helpful Hints for Homemaking

flowerWomen of Faith and Testimony--Morale Boosters, Conference Talks, RS Lesson Schedule for the Year 2000, Joseph F. Smith (Helps for Relief Society Lessons), Testimonies, Teachings about Temples, Scriptures Online, Monthly Checklist for Lengthening Your Stride

flowerThe Compassionate Woman--Visiting Teaching, Service Ideas, Fellowshipping Ideas

flowerThe Talented Woman--Crafts, music, and ways to develop many kinds of talents

flowerThe Educated Woman--Education Ideas, Think About It, Education and Work (doctrinal section), Response to Criticism, FARMS link, Gospel Library link



flowerWoman Strengthening Marriage and Family--Family Fun, doctrines relating to the family, Ideas to strengthen families, celebrating marriage and children


flowerHelp for Your Callings--Page links for assorted callings in the Church

LDS Humor
Laugh With Us

Good, Clean Fun
Songs, games, things to do with friends, books, ideas for partie

Other Sites for LDS Women:

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