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Homemaking Themes

See also Special Activity Nights for more ideas

Lengthen Your Stride

Lesson--base it on Pres. Kimball's talk on the same subject, add recent conference addresses to discuss specific things your ward or Relief Society needs (fellowshipping, reading the Book of Mormon, helping the missionaries, doing visiting teaching, etc.)

Monthly Checklist for Lengthening Your Stride

The Worth of Souls

Class--Missionary techniques, seeing our own worth, showing children and others around us their worth, watch "The Touch of the Master's Hand" on the church video "The Worth of Souls," write letters or cards for less-active sisters

Craft--Decorate a frame for a mirror or picture, decorate cards or stationary to be used to contact less-actives sisters

Recipe--have each sister bring an ingredient for a specified recipe. Make the recipe together, allowing each sister to contribute her very necessary ingredient and emphasizing how each sister is needed for her own special talents and contributions

Feast Upon the Words of Christ

Classes and Lessons--Food Storage, Nutrition using the Word of Wisdom, or studying the scriptures more effectively--personally and with others (try Pres. Ezra Taft Benson's talks about the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants), telling scripture stories to children in a way that they can understand, helping children understand scriptural language, food storage methods

Craft--Scripture holders, small plates decorated with a scripture or picture as a reminder of Christ, make scripture story quiet books for young children to use during sacrament meeting

Recipe--a cake or bread recipe using scripture references to fill in some of the ingredients or directions

Loving Our Neighbor

Lesson-- HFE #3, CS/SR # 5, 7, Conference Talks--Strengthened in Charity (Oct. 1996), Christ at Bethesda's Pool (Oct. 1996), "Go, and Do Thou Likewise" (April 1997)

Craft--Make Valentines for each other, learn to make fancy greeting cards with stamps, scissors with designs, stickers, markers, etc.

Recipe--make a fun recipe that is easy to share. Make baskets of the treats and recipes for the less active sisters in your ward. (See Recipes, Fun Foods to Make, Refreshments)

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