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Monthly Checklist
for Lengthening
Your Stride

Have a set of missionaries over for dinner or provide them with a meal (give a food coupon, order them pizza, etc.)

Ask the missionaries if they need anything for their apartment or if they need anything (do they have pans, a broom, enough blankets, bike pump? Do they need their suits taken to the cleaners?)

Go on split-offs if there are sisters in your area

Invited a new member over for an evening with your family or friends

Drop in on a less active or new member or call them to say "Hi--how are you?"

Attend a baptism and/or provide refreshments for one

Sit by someone new at Sacrament meeting or during other meetings

Introduce yourself to a new face at Church and make it a point to remember their names and say hi the next times you meet

Offer someone a ride to church, Homemaking meeting, Seminary, a fireside, etc.

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