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Scripture Story
Quiet Books

(more ideas will be added to this page as time permits)

Pick out a few scripture stories:

Christ coming to America

Nephi and his brothers returning to get the brass plates

Ammon protecting the flocks belonging to the Lamanite king

The tower of Babel

Noah building the ark

Now think of a picture that could involve an activity:

The picture consists of an ark, a big rain cloud, a few raindrops, and Noah. The activity: Fill in the shape of the ark with brown felt "planks" which are attached by Velcro before the floods come. The planks could be in puzzle shapes or long strips. Or, have the ark already built with a big door on it (it must be able to shut with a snap, button, etc. Behind the brown felt should be a pocket that can fit all of the animals). Have lots of felt animals (make two of each kind) stuck with velcro around the ark. Now, Noah must put all the animals in the ark two by two. (This makes it a matching game).

The picture is of Ammon and other servants, sheep robbers, and lots of sheep. A two person activity: one person is on Ammon's side. He tries to put the sheep in one corner. The other person is on the sheep robbers' side and tries to separate the sheep. One person activity: first pretend to be the robbers (scatter the flocks), then be Ammon (gather the flocks). Make gold bracelets out of felt (like the ones seen on the men in Book of Mormon pictures) for the child on Ammon's side to wear. Make a necklace or headdress for the child on the robber's side to wear. You could also make finger puppets of Ammon and some of the Lamanites to play with against this background.

The picture is of a giant tower. The activity is to fill in the tower with sections of brightly colored felt (rectangles, or make the tower a tangram to be filled in with various triangles, squares and rectangles). Put on each piece of felt a word in another language. (Have all the words translate to mean the same thing--Hello, Bonjour, Buenos Dias, etc.)

The picture is of a desert. In one corner is a rock with a pocket in it. In another corner is Laban's house with gold, jewels, and the brass plates in its pocket. In another corner is Lehi's tent (also with a pocket). Make finger puppets of Laban, Laman, Lemuel, Sam, and Nephi. The activity: act out the adventure of getting the brass plates. Lehi's sons offer their gold and precious things, which get confiscated by Laban. Laban tries to kill Lehi's sons so they hide in the cavity of a rock. Later, Nephi gets the brass plates and they return back to the tent of their father.

Create the picture with felt, velcro, buttons, etc. Write a little description about each picture with permanent marker or puff paint. Punch 3 holes in the felt page and reinforce the holes--like a small button hole. Make a front and back corner with heavy-duty material and decorate. Link the pages together with shoestrings, metal links, or strong yarn. Make a flap for the book to button or snap closed.

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