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Drinks-Nine fun and easy recipes, perfect for kids and parties

Main Dishes-Seven tasty ways to wake up your table

Sides and Salads-Seven sides--something new for each night of the week!

Breads-Four breads you'll love!

Desserts-Seven sweet sensations, all tried in real kitchens!


Fast and Easy


Popcorn balls--use carmel, toffee, or Jell-o without enough water to stick the balls together

Chips and Salsa

Fresh fruit

Fresh vegetables

Dirt--Make instant chocolate pudding. Put it in a serving bowl. Add gummy worms. Cover with crushed Oreo cookies. Can be refridgerated for several hours.

Hands On

Homemade Taffy

Hot dogs over a fire

Toasted Marshmallows or S'mores

Nuts--they crack them

Gingerbread men--have everyone help make and decorate

Painted toast. Mix food coloring with water, several drops to a cup of water. Test first to see if the color is saturated enough. Use thoroughly cleaned small paint brushes to make designs or pictures on a piece of bread. Don't use too much "paint" or else the bread gets soggy and doesn't taste as good. Bake on a tray in an oven until toasted, try 400 degrees F. Butter and enjoy.

English muffin pizzas. Split open English muffins. Put sauce, pizza toppings and cheese on top. Bake at 375 until cheese is melted.

Cool and Refreshing


Cookie and ice cream sandwiches

Fruit slushes (crushed ice and fruit juice)

Fruit juice ice cubes with toothpicks stuck in them

Watermelon wedges

Root beer floats

Orange, cherry, or grape pop floats--just like root beer floats, except use a different pop flavor


Fruit salad

Veggie trays with onion or dill dip

Fruit trays with yogurt or cream cheese and whipped cream dip

Ice cream sundaes

Taco Salad


JELL-O cut outs

Warm and Delicious

Fruit cobbler or fruit crisp

Hot chocolate

Hot spiced apple cider

Dutch oven pineapple upsidedown cake

Hot bread and butter--make both for a Knowledge activity and then eat it

Fresh muffins

Homemade pie

Fancy Foods

Wedding cake (for a Standards Night or Brides Night)

Make graham cracker houses or castles

Make candied flower petals and put on ice cream. To candy a flower petal, make sure to use only edible flowers such as roses, carnations and violets. You might want to check out a book from the library to determine whether the variety you're using is safe or not. Dip petals in egg white. Then cover gently with fine granulated sugar. Let them dry. Use to decorate cakes, ice cream, or other pretty treat.

Almond bark mints--find the materials and instructions at a craft store.

Cookie Christmas tree. Use star shaped cookies of decreasing sizes, decorated in green frosting and stacked on top of each other to make a tree.


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