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72 Hour Kits

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Instructions and information about 72-hour kits
Materials Needed per kit:
1 two-liter pop container with water
1 half-gallon milk carton
Food Items as listed below
Also Stapler, Duct tape and Scissors


2 packages chewing gum

2 packages hot chocolate mix

1 cups trail mix

2 sticks beef jerky

2 packages apple cider mix

1 small can apple juice

4 granola bars

14 pieces hard candy

2 fruit rolls

3 packages soda crackers

1 can hearty soup

2 instant soup packets

1 two-liter pop container filled with water


Wash and dry milk cartons completely or purchase unused cartons. Put the cans into the cartons first, then add the drink and soup packets diagonally. Stuff the granola bars, gum, jerky, trail mix, and fruit rolls in around the cans. (This packing requires some time, but it does work.) The candy can be strewn throughout the carton, filling any small gaps. Tuck the gum into gaps or wedges wherever it will fit. (The crackers will undoubtedly be crushed, but since they will be eaten in the soup, it doesn't matter.)

When the carton is packed full (and it will be a very tight fit), staple the top of the carton shut. It’s easiest to have someone hold the top shut while you staple it. Next, tape the top with duct tape, and then strap the filled pop bottle to the carton with the duct tape. Tape a contents list and a menu to each carton and record the assembly date.

Your kit is now completed. List the assembly date and rotate the kits every two years so that the food retains its nutritional value and remains fresh.


Day One

Breakfast: 2 granola bars, one can juice

Lunch: 1 pkg. soup mix, 1 pkg. soda crackers

Dinner: 1 stick beef jerky, 1 fruit roll

Snacks: 4 pieces candy, 3 sticks gum


Day Two

Breakfast: of the trail mix, hot chocolate

Lunch: 1 stick beef jerky, 1 apple cider mix

Dinner: canned soup, 1 pkg. soda crackers

Snacks: 5 pieces candy, 4 sticks gum


Day Three

Breakfast: 1/2 of the trail mix, 1 apple cider mix

Lunch: 1 pkg. soup mix, 1 pkg. soda crackers

Dinner: 2 granola bars, 1 fruit roll, 1 hot chocolate mix

Snacks: 4 pieces candy, 3 sticks gum

Water needed: 2 liters

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