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Physical Preparedness Night

Start out using prophetic quotes about the importance of being prepared.

Learn First Aid and make a first aid kit (see a camp manual for ideas)

Learn CPR and infant CPR

Learn about Hypothermia and what to do to avoid it and treat it

Prepare a list of important phone numbers to be placed near all telephones. Include Ambulances, Police, Fire Department, Family Doctors, Dentists, Poison control centers, close relatives or friends who should be contacted in an emergency

Learn to identify poisonous plants or animals in your area. Learn to identify plants that would be suitable for food in your area

Learn about preserving and storing food

Plan meals for a month and multiply by 12 to determine how much food your family may need during a year.

Make emergency candles

Make a plan about what to do if the water, gas, or electricity was shut off for a day or a week.

Make a plan for what to do in case of a fire, a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, a flood, a blizzard, an avalanche, or any other natural disaster that may occur in your area. Practice those plans with the young women. Have them practice with their families.

Make 72-hour kits

Have a powder puff mechanics night and learn to fix flat tires, change oil, etc....

Have a speaker share an experience of a time they were glad they were prepared (with food storage, 72-hour kit, first aid training)

Read D & C 38: 30, 88: 119

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