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Included is website info for a Food Storage planner, Quotes on Food Storage, and helpful advice.

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There is a free program that you can download on the internet that is called the Food Storage Planner.  I just thought that with all of the wise counsel we are receiving from our General Authorities to BE PREPARED that some of you might like some help.  Here is the site:

Here is some quotes on Emergency Preparedness: Pres. Spencer W. Kimball, (Ensign, November 1977, p. 78)

"As you know, in the recent past we have placed considerable emphasis on personal and family preparedness.  I hope that each member of the church is responding appropriately to this direction.  I also hope that we are understanding and accentuating the positive and not the negative.  I like the way the R.S. teaches personal and family preparedness as 'provident living.'  This implies the husbanding of our resources, the wise planning of financial matters, full provision for personal health, and adequate preparation for education and career development, giving appropriate attention to home production and storage as well as development of emotional resiliency."

Pres. Spencer W. Kimball, "Let's do these things because they are right; because they are satisfying; and because we are obedient to the counsels of the Lord.  In this spirit, we will be prepared for most eventualities, and the Lord will prosper and comfort us.  It is true that difficult times will come -- the Lord has foretold them -- and, yes, stakes of Zion are 'for a defense, and for a refuge from the storm.' (D&C 115:6)  But, if we live wisely and providently, we will be as safe as in the palm of His hand."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

June 24, 1988

To: General Authorities and the following Priesthood leaders in the United States and Canada: Area Authorities (formerly Regional Reps.); Stake, Mission, and District Presidents; Bishops and Branch Presidents.

Dear Brethren:

Office of the First Presidency

Preparing for Emergencies (To be read in Sacrament Meeting.)

Occasionally people speculate about possible disasters, which speculation engenders fear and can cause members to become caught up in emergency preparedness efforts that are not only costly but go beyond the basics consistently taught by the First Presidency. Leaders should refer to Preparing for and Responding to Emergencies: Guidelines for Church Leaders. Member
preparations require wise planning, diligence, and provident living. If circumstances warrant, the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve will provide additional guidance on such matters through established Priesthood channels.

We continue to encourage members to store sufficient food, clothing, and, where possible, fuel for at least one year. We have not laid down an exact formula for what should be stored. However, we suggest that members concentrate on essential foods that sustain life, such as grains, legumes, cooking oil, powdered milk, salt, sugar or honey, and water. Most families can
achieve and maintain this basic level of preparedness. The decision to do more than this rests with the individual.

We encourage you to follow this counsel with the assurance that a people prepared through obedience to the commandments of God need not fear.

Sincerely your Brethren,
Ezra Taft Benson
Gordon B. Hinckley
Thomas S. Monson
The First Presidency

I had an email from a lady that said they had been without power for 3 weeks, had been snowed in, and had no heat.  She mentioned that if they had thought about it sooner, they would have bought a gas stove instead of electric because at least they would have been able to cook and heat the house.  She also mentioned that storing up on paper plates , cups, plasticware, etc. was an essential because they had dishes stacked all over the kitchen because of very little water and nothing to heat the water with.

(Just a note, some gas stoves require electricity to work the lighting mechanism. During power outages, these would also be useless. Please do not disable the safety feature and attempt to light the gas stove manually if it normally lights itself. This can be very dangerous. Instead, buy a camping gas stove and use it properly in a well ventilated area).

If anyone has any suggestions on what we might be able to do to prepare ourselves for an emergency, please email me and I'll add it to this section.

The subject of Food Storage in 2 Liter pop bottles has been discussed extensively on the Prep list.  For more information go to     
        go to #2 blue section
        search Prep list   -  type bottles   - hit go get it
        go to #12355 - begin and read to end of each article

   Many people are storing things like sugar, rice, oatmeal, even cat food in 2-liter bottles either new or used.  An oxygen absorbent packet is used in each bottle - fill half way - put packet in - continue to fill.  There are several sources to buy the new bottles or clean and thoroughly dry a used one.  The plastic is not oxygen  premable so it makes a great container for storage. ~Karen

You know I have something that might be a wonderful addition to everyone's supplies it is a radio that has a winder on the back of it and when completely wound up it will play for an hour before it has to be rewound.  it can't send information out but it can give you listening ability and this may help morale and will give you access to all the public information being made available and the biggy  NO BATTERIES are needed.    You can get them at Radio Shack  if they are not on the shelves they are in the catalog for sure. ~Betsy

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