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Food Storage

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Web Site Help

Red Cross suggested supplies for 72 hour kit.

Noah's Ark--the Temporal Preparedness section with a huge links section!

Preparedness page and a related Y2k page

There is a free food storage planner at this site: also has a food storage planner

Here are some more web sites that can be used to calculate how much of what to store.

You can also download the church program at:

Another good web site that I found a lot of useful information regarding food storage and water storage is at:   Jewish Foods Grain index-- learn to cook with grains

Maintaining Food Quality in Storage good resource

Try the Internet site, Emergency Essentials.   They have a good variety of food storage items available


Buddy Burner from YW camp manual 1978

A buddy burner can be used for emergency fuel at camp, on the trail, or at home if your stove fails to work.  Do not use it in a closed room because the smoke is black; you may, however, use it on the dirt at camp, in a driveway, on a cement patio floor, or inside a fireplace.  Buddy burners used with tin can stoves are most easily managed by young women working in pairs.

You don't need a wick when making a rolled cardboard burner...the cardboard works as the wick.

Materials Needed For Buddy Burner
1.  Shallow, empty tin can (such as a tuna fish can) with one end cut out.
2.  Strip of corrugated cardboard, a little narrower than the depth of the can.
3.  Paraffin wax
4.  Lid from a kettle
5.  Pan of water

Instructions For Buddy Burner
1.  Roll the cardboard into a coil that fits loosely in the can
2.  Melt the paraffin wax in a tin can (or a small pan) set in a pan of water or double boiler, using low heat.  Melt only small amounts of paraffin at a time because it gives off a vapor which might start burning.  Have a lid from a kettle on hand to smother any fire.
3.  Fill the can containing the cardboard almost to the top with the melted paraffin wax and let it harden.
4.  You can also use sawdust instead of cardboard.  Fill the can with sawdust and then pour in melted paraffin wax.
5.  Make a damper for the burner from aluminum foil (a round piece of several thicknesses) or from the burner can lid.  Add a wire handle to the damper.

Materials Needed For Tin Can Stove
1.  A large, empty tin can (no. 10) with one end cut out
2.  A pair of tin snips
3.  Gloves
4.  A hammer
5.  An ice pick, awl, or large nail

Instructions For Tin Can Stove
1.  Use the open end of the can for the bottom of the stove
2.  Wearing the gloves, use tin snips to cut two lengthwise slits 3 inches apart and about 3 inches long from the open end.  Bend this piece of tin back into the inside of the can, hammering it down to make a square opening.
3.  Using an ice pick, awl, or large nail, punch two or three holes at the top of the can opposite the opening.  These air holes serve as a chimney.

How To Use
1.  Find a level area on dirt or cement for the stove.  Cook directly on top of the can.
2.  Light the top of the buddy burner with a match, or make a small fire of twigs.
3.  Place the tin can stove over the buddy burner. (Never cook directly over a buddy burner because the smoke is black and sooty.)  The stove will get very hot, so do not touch it.
4.  The first time you use the stove, wipe the finish off the tin can after it has heated.  Hold the stove with a pot holder or gloves and rub it with a paper towel or cloth.
5.  To put the fire out, turn the stove upside down on top of the buddy burner to smother the flames.  Then use gloves or a stick to lift it off.  The paraffin will be a hot liquid, so wait until it cools before you pick up the buddy burner. ~Donya

Here are instructions I saved from the list on the sawdust candles.

I used a #10 can, careful not to let the wax burn.  Use saw dust :wax ratio 1:1.   Press into soup cans around wick (you can get them from the old candles or buy new at a craft store or craft section at walmart.  They will burn differently than regular candles giving you a full burn over the surface of the candle...makes excellent cooking heat. ONLY MELT THE WAX IN THE #10 CAN....Then Add the sawdust, mix and pack into smaller cans with wicks.~Vickie

First Aid

Mini First Aid Kit
        Place the following in 35mm-film container in this order
        Can obtain these free from 1-hour film processors
- 35 cents (for telephone call)
- Stick of Gum
- 2 Band-Aids
- 2 sterile gauze patches
- 1 alcohol wipe (roll up with Gauze Patches around matches)
- 2 matches (Heads DOWN)
- 2 safety pins
- 1 needle threaded (Stick in Soap chip)
- 1 soap chip in foil
- 2 Tylenol in foil
- sandpaper - fine (glue inside lid for matches)
- 12" adhesive tape Wrap around outside of film canister.
I made a label on my computer with the contents of this canister and also placed a warning regarding small and sharp objects plus any medication.

72 Hour Kit Ideas

72 Hour Kit

72 Hour Kit
Materials Needed

- 1 Clean Dried 1 Gallon Milk Jug with lid
- Scissors
- Duct Tape
- Paper Back Book of Mormon
- Ball point pen
- Emergency Candle (made from soup can)
- Clean empty vegetable can

Food Items needed:
- 2 Packs Chewing Gum
- 5 Packages Hot Chocolate Mix
- 2 Sticks Beef Jerky
- 6 Granola Bars
- 14 Pieces Hard Candy
- 2 Fruit Roll ups
- 3 packages of soup mix or bullion cubes

With handle of milk jug facing you, cut on each side of opening -O-, down about 3 inches and around toward the opposite corner from handle leaving about 2" at that corner for the front to fold open.  Make sure inside of carton is clean and DRY!
Place Book of Mormon in first, then insert emergency candle inside the vegetable can (this can be used for warming water and soup over the candle) add it to the jug next.   Place the packages of hot chocolate around the edges of jug, then fill jug with remaining items as will fit.  EVERYTHING WILL FIT!!!  Trust me!!! Add the first aid kit last as this needs to be easily accessible.   Other items such as money, medications and emergency numbers should be added if necessary.  We made an emergency card to place inside with our name, name of family members in our home, each person's ss#, blood type, medical needs, etc.
Also, a menu card was included which follows:
Day 1
- 2 granola bars                 -   1 package Hot chocolate
- 1 package soup mix
- 1 stick jerky         -  1 Fruit Roll up
-  5 pieces of hard candy                -   3 sticks of chewing gum

Day 2
- 1 Granola Bar                  -   1 Package Hot Chocolate Mix
-  1 Stick of Jerky                      -   1 Package Hot Chocolate Mix
-  1 Package Soup Mix
-  5 pieces of hard candy                -   4 sticks of chewing gum

Day 3
- 1 Granola Bar                  -   1 Package Hot Chocolate Mix
-  1 Package Soup Mix
-  2 Granola Bars                - 1 Fruit Roll up                -   1
Package Hot Chocolate Mix
-  4 pieces of hard candy                -   3 sticks of chewing gum

1 Gallon jug with water should accompany this 72 hour kit to complete the needs. Flip the flap closed, tape shut with duct tape and screw lid back on. Tape lid on too. Date the jug and label with family member's name. ~Contributed by Karen

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