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Come Follow Me

The 3-fold mission of the Church is designed to help each member come unto Christ. Here are ideas for each of the 3 parts of that mission.

Proclaim the Gospel

Have a Missionary Night

Christ helped the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, hungry to be filled, the sad and lonely to be comforted. Follow Christ: read to the blind or to those who cannot read well, cheer up the lonely, feed the hungry or collect food and clothing for the needy, learn sign language to help include those who cannot hear in your groups, help someone who cannot walk well go shopping, clean house, run errands, etc. (See Service List, Service Projects, Service Index)

Fellowship less active members of your ward: visit them, call them, learn more about them, support them in concerts or performances, make treats for them, plan activities which meet their needs and interests, etc.

Learn about other religions so you'll know where investigators are coming from when they ask questions about the Church.

Redeem the Dead

Submit a 4 generation sheet

Learn to use your local Family History Center. Submit family names.

Plan and attend a youth temple trip and perform ordinances for your relatives.

Put together a family history book. (See also 1998 Theme: Turning Hearts to the Family)

Perfect the Saints

Learn how to cook, sew, write, give speeches, act, dance, sing, play a musical instrument, conduct music, sign a song in sign language, decorate a room, make a craft, etc. Invite speakers or specialists, have a play and learn to act by doing, learn to sew by making the costumes, choreograph a musical number for a talent show, etc. Becoming perfected can be fun!

Learn how to fix a car, use food storage, exercise, clean house, garden, paint, take care of a small child, perform CPR or first aid, budget money, etc. Learn to budget money by giving each group a small amount of money to make a meal or part of a meal, or to buy gifts for members of the other group. Have you ever exercised with cans of refried beans, broom handles, step stools, or water jugs? Try it! Have you ever had a race on who could clean a window the fastest or wash a pan the best? You might like it!

Learn how to study the scriptures better, how to choose appropriate books, movies, songs, and other media, learn ways to make meetings more effective, to friendship and fellowship people better, to give more meaningful service, or how to teach more effectively

Learn about the lives of early pioneers, prophets, apostles, or ancestors, etc.

Learn how to organize information, how to use a computer, how to use the internet, how to use computer programs, how to prepare for college and possible careers, etc.

Pick a gospel principle and learn how to live it more fully: tithing, repentance, faith, forgiveness, thankfulness, chastity, purity of heart and mind, loving God, serving our fellowmen, living in the world but not of the world, honesty, integrity, etc.

Have a Book of Mormon Night

Have a Doctrine and Covenants Night

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