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"Scouting helps prepare boys for Church responsibilities."

See Activities Section at Young Women's Corner for additional ideas

See A Year of Activities

See Special Activity Nights

Magnify Priesthood Activity

Don’t ask "What are we going to do Wednesday night?" but rather, "What do we want to have happen?"

Help young men develop testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Gospel

Help young men prepare for missions

Help young men prepare for their life’s work

Help young men prepare for the temple

Help young men prepare to be worthy husbands and fathers

Take the boys to a computer lab and tell and teach them about computers.

Go to a rifle range, go with the police and see what they do for a career. Tour factories, learn about computers, etc.

One year we went to about 5 jobs where the people worked the night shift. It was a late night activity but we did it on Friday night. The kids were surprised to see so many people work at night. They went to a large department store and saw their security system and the monitors. Also quite an impression on how much they can see the people and watch closely their activity.

They do lots of service projects such as clean yards, haul away trash and debris, cleaned up a park, painted picnic tables, collect clothing for DI. They painted a lady's home.

We had a self defense class, and had a bike care and repair class.

With Young Women--plan a year in advance--have a yearly theme (See A Year of Activities With A Theme for many themes and ideas which would work for young men)

Possible Schedule:

1st week Service
2nd Sports
3rd Combined with YW
4th& 5th Class Activities

Service--Believe it or not the service activities work best of all and they are well attended.  It seems that helping others seems to help themselves.

Sports--Include ideas to involve those who are not very good at sports, are handicapped, do not enjoy sports

Scouting Activities

Merit Badges

Camp--include ideas for involving young men who don't really enjoy camping, have allergies, handicaps, etc.

Scouting Web Ring

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