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Activities With
Young Women

(see also Activities section at The Young Women's Corner)

The Teacher age boys team up with the mia maids and have had a progressive dinner, another time the boys served the girls dinner.(they even dressed in ties and white shirts on a week night!!) The boys even had a tumbling class/activity. An instructor came and showed them skills. Then of course most love the sports - soccer, basketball, softball and even some times with the girls, they have gone snow shoeing and hiking and biking and some swimming in a pool and canoeing on a lake. But there is a lot of concern about the water sports so they don't do many of those. ~Diane

Here are a few combined activities that worked well. I'll send more as I remember.~Judy in Arkansas

1. Missionary relay- Shirt ironing; button sewing, clothes folding, asking the golden question the best. We mixed the YM with the YW and they all had fun.

2. Family Feud- YW vs. YM (Our youth are very competitive) from the YW list

3. Volleyball- We play with no spiking and everyone MUST rotate in. FUN

4. Softball- Mixed up

5. Pictionary- I didn't believe this would work did as well as it did.

6. Mormon Trivia (we used the Children's so they had a better chance of being right)

7. Making Pizzas

8. Service Projects are always a plus such as cleaning the Highway, visiting nursing home, cleaning a cemetery, visiting shut-ins, caroling etc. ( it seems they crave doing things for others,)

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