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Magnify Priesthood Activity

We just finished our first lesson on section 84 "The Priesthood."  We talked about line of authority and the important the   Priesthood plays in our lives.  On Monday we are going to talk about the Oath and Covenant part and how to Magnify their priesthood callings.

I am going to do a game that will resemble the "dating game"  but I shall call it something very clever like the "magnifying game" or the "priesthood game."  Any help with the name would be nice but I would love some help in doing questions.  I plan on drawing a name of a young woman in our class and have her go out of the room and then drawing 3 names of priesthood holders.  I will sit them in chair up front behind a divider.  (You all get the idea, I think)  I will bring our young lady in and give
her some questions to ask.... my quest of you is for your help in making up questions to be asked.  I will give you a sample and any others you can think of will be great.    Many heads are better then one.... just a note I will then switch and have one young man and 3 young women.  so I will need some 10 questions.... 5 for each game.
Some questions:

We are out on a date and are at the movies what kind of a movie will you suggest we attend?  or  We get to the movie theater and find all movies are rated R, what will you suggest we do?

You get the idea..... I would like 5 questions for each group.... the girls may choose to be a bit more challenging...but I would like to come up with a question on dress coming from a young man to the girls.
Language could be another area.... 

So any takers out there??  ~Annette

Thanks for suggested questions that might be asked while playing the "dating game".  I think this sounds like a lot of fun.  I have thought of a few more questions that may work or be adapted:

"Will you be influenced about going on your mission when I tell you that it's not that important to me if you go or not?"

"Just a question...What's the deal about blessing the sacrament on Sunday? Will what we do on Friday night make a difference of you blessing the sacrament on Sunday?"

"I have a cheat sheet with all of the answers for a test that we have coming up.   How would you like to come to my house tonight and study together?"

"I have a problem with swearing...Will that bother you?"

"Our Sunday School class is so boring.  How 'bout we go out in the hall and sit instead of sitting through that boring class...after all we're still in church.  What do you think?"

"I know I'm only 15 but my parents told me it was okay to ask you to the dance next month.  Will you be able to go?"

"Hey, my friend is having a party on her house on Wednesday night, I know it's a youth activity, but if you pick me up we can tell our parents that we're going over to the church and then we can go to the party.  They'll never know. Should we?" ~Brenda


We are at a party and someone brings a bottle of champagne to toast happy birthday to your best friend.  What will you do?

We are on a double date and on the way home, your friend who is driving decides to stop at Byrd Park and starts kissing his girlfriend in the front seat.  What will you do?

You ask me out for a date and I say yes and then the next day I tell you I can't go because of family obligations.  Later you find out I went out with someone else.   What do you think of me now?

I ask you out to go to the Prom.  You say yes.  Later you hear unkind things said about me.  Will you still go to the prom with me? ~Jane

You pick me up for a date and I come out wearing an immodest outfit. What will you do?

I gossip to you about my friends. What do you think of me now?

I tell you my curfew is midnight, but I obviously am not concerned about getting home on time. Do you get me there on time anyway or just follow my lead? ~Carol

Just wanted to say thanks for the idea of the "Dating Game"/Priesthood Game.  I decided to name it Honoring Your Priesthood or "HYP" ( I pronounced it HIP).  We did a few questions yesterday and the kids loved it and so we finished up with a few more questions today (I had to stop them so we could move on). And one of the young Men said that it shouldn't be called Honoring Your Priesthood for the girls it should be called Honoring Our Priesthood.  I said "that sounds good-- Oh my
goodness that spells HOP-- then we could call the game HYP/HOP"  They loved it!! Thanks for so many great ideas ~Loretta

Priesthood Quiz

Here are twelve questions and answers:  This came from the Seminary List

1) Name the offices within the Melchizedek Priesthood:
      (Elder, High Priest, Patriarch, Seventy, and Apostle.)
2) You have to be at least how old to be ordained an Elder?
      (At least 18years old.)
3) When would it be necessary for a man to be ordained to the office of
"High Priest?"
      (When he is called to a stake presidency, high council, or bishopric,
or when otherwise determined by the stake
4) Who is it that calls and ordains a man to the office of Patriarch?
     (A member of the Quorum of the Twelve.)
5) Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are called specifically as
__________  ___________ of Christ.
     (Special Witnesses.)
6) The main responsibility of members of the Quorum of the Seventy is what?
     (To preach the gospel and to be especial witnesses unto the Gentiles
and in all the world, D&C 107:34.)
7) An elder's quorum can have up to ____ members.
8) True or False.  A ward can have one or more elder's quorums.
9) True or False.  Each stake has one or more high priest quorums.
     (False.  They only have one.  The individual wards only have high
priest "groups" which are a part of the whole stake's
10) Who is the high priest quorum president?
      (The Stake President.)
11) There are ____ number of men called to serve on the Stake High Council.
12) True or False. The Bishop is the Assistant to the Priest Quorum
      (False.  He is the President.  A youth who is set apart is his

Know the Prophets and Apostles

This came from the Seminary List-They put this together as a crossword
Here are the names and clues:
Hinckley (Numero Uno)
Monson (son of the first weekday)
Faust (the misguided main figure in Goethe's tale)
Packer (a good hiker is often a good back------)
Perry (Como and winkle)
Haight (the misspelled opposite of love)
Maxwell (vintage TV spy Smart with a shoe phone)
Nelson (Ozzie and Mandela)
Oaks (acorns grow into -----)
Ballard (like a long song that tells a story)
Wirthlin (unscramble Tin Whirl)
Scott (Great -----!)
Hales (unscramble shale)
Holland (The Netherlands)
Eyring (unscramble riegny)

.  It would be fun to add "Do you know their
"Middle" name to the list of questions. i.e. this person has the same middle
name as the Prophet.  The answer is Joseph B. Wirthlin.  (I posted the list
of names earlier this week)

Get to Know Your GA's

I did this as an advisor before General Conferences.  I went to the Library and found pictures of the Quorum of the Twelve and First Presidency.  On the back there is information re: their lives, education, hobbies, etc.  I played a game with the girls where I’d show them a picture and give them information about the person....for instance “This person was from my home town (the girls knew where I was from), he taught seminary, he loves birds, he was called to be a general authority at the age of ___ (I can’t remember the answer here).  And so on.  Then they’d have to tell me who it was. (Boyd K. Packer).
You’d be surprised at how many faces they did not know, but by the end of the hour they could tell me almost all of them.  We had a lot of fun and had some interesting ways of remembering names, like this man’s name is something we do not drink (Maxwell House Coffee-Neal A. Maxwell) and This person’s name is the opposite of how Andrea feels about Violin (which he
loved too) David B. Haight) and this man kind of looks like a famous popcorn man (Marvin J. Ashton) and this man will be the next President (at the time it was President Hinckley).  You can tell how long ago I was an advisor :-} I tried to use things that meant something to the girls so they’d remember. The next General Conference we’d do it again and they’d be so excited that
they knew who the apostles were and I just keep adding things to the list of what they could learn about that person. ~Alice

Here's a fun game to play before Conference:  See how many "middle" names
you know.  Bonus-which two have the same middle name??????? And which who
share a name? And does anyone share a name of a previous prophet?????-No
fair looking in a conference edition for answers, until after you've

Gordon B Hinckley
Thomas S Monson
James E Faust
Boyd K Packer
Lowell T Perry
David B Haight
Neal A Maxwell
Robert D Hales
Melvin R Ballard Jr.
Richard G Scott
Henry B Eyring
Russell M Nelson
Dallin H Oaks
Joseph B Wirthlin
Jeffrey R Holland
Answers below

Gordon Bitner Hinckley
Thomas Spencer Monson
James Esdras Faust
Boyd Kenneth Packer
Lowell Tom Perry
David Bruce Haight
Neal Ash Maxwell
Robert Dean Hales
Melvin Russell Ballard Jr.
Richard Gordon Scott
Henry Bennion Eyring
Russell Marion Nelson
Dallin Harris Oaks
Joseph Bitner Wirthlin
Jeffrey Roy Holland

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