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Make quilts for new mothers, for nursing homes, for LDS Social Services, for Safe Houses, etc.

Sew clothes for premature or poor infants and donate them to a local hospital

Collect stuffed animals for fire or police departments--they often use them to soothe the children they rescue

Clean and polish the pews at Church--check with custodian and Physical Facilities Representative (PFR)

Read stories to children in a hospital or at a library

Make tape recordings of your favorite books for the seeing impaired--use several voices (one for the narrator, one for each character) and even add special effects, such as wind, sirens, etc.

Pot plants for women in a nursing home near Mother's Day

Clean the ward building or just the kitchen

Serve at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen

Take baskets of food to needy families in area

Have a service road rally--See Service List for ideas (go around to various homes--less active families, people who need help in the ward, non-member friends--and perform at least one act of service on the list. Have a person at the home sign your list before you go. The group who collects the most signatures wins a tasty treat or gets to have dessert first)

Teach people how to read or write better

Clean up a road

Clean up a local park

Collect or make toys or clothes for needy children. Or gather broken or worn out toys and fix them up for needy children.

See Community Service

See Service under Idea Index

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