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Stand As a Witness - a year of activities

President Nadauld's Spring 1999 Open House Message

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Some of you have asked what others are doing for activities next year that follow the theme "Stand As A Witness".  Here is the list that  I have come up with so far - you will see that some of them require the use of a little imagination, but I wanted the girls to have the word "stand" constantly in front of them next year!

1.  Stand As A Witness - this will be our New Beginnings.  In addition to the program, we will introduce the "14 Day Walk with Christ" activity at this time.  We are asking them to stand as a witness - they need to have an intimate knowledge of who and what they are standing for!

2.  Stand Up & Be Counted - Counted cross stitch project.  I will chart out "stand as a witness" and we will make a project for a wall hanging or a pillow for their bed.

3.  Be "Outstanding" In Your Field - Career Night (I'd emphasize how outstanding they would be if they put their calling as wife and mother first and consider that the best career of all--Jen)

4.  You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything - Dating

5.  Don't Just Stand There - Do Something! - Service Project

6.  Stand Still - Learning to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost

7.  Be a Stand Out - Hair, Grooming, Poise & Posture

8.  Stand and Bear It - Testimony

9.  Take a Stand - Make a Difference - Being an example to friends and acquaintances at school.  ( We are going to make a cute locker mirror to remind them that people are always looking at them)

10.  Stand Strong - Physical Fitness Activity (probably aerobics)

11.  Stand by Me - Friendship activity

12.  Stand Back - Genealogy Workshop

These are our next years joint YW activities.  I have found that it is so much easier to plan activities if you have a theme and stick to it (even if you have to be a little creative!)  Hope this sparks some great ideas!  ~Vicki