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Stand As a Witness

Year 2000 Theme

About the Y.W. Theme

We are given a World Wide theme  for Y.W. every three years, but with it being the year 2000 and the 131st yr. of Y.W. Organization they decided in SLC to have a worldwide celebration. And as many if not all of you know a theme of
"Stand As a Witness" was chosen with a scripture and song. We take the opportunity at our Stake Sept. Leadership training to always introduce the next years theme whether we give it to our wards or it is given to us by SLC. I hope everyone also knows that on a stake level we all should be having the celebration on or around Nov. 28th, 2000. And after speaking with the Y.W. Dept. in SLC it can be in place of the Y.W. In Excellence program. We are incorporating. the 2 and asking different Y.W. and leaders to tell us how they Stood as a Witness throughout the year. And will ask each of our wards to set up displays of accomplishments for their particular ward and then we all have the opportunity to see at one time what all of our Y.W. have done.

YW 2000 Theme

In the year 2000, young women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world are invited to participate in a celebration honoring the living Christ.  Young Women and their leaders worldwide will have the opportunity to renew their focus on the Savior Jesus Christ.  The theme of this year long event is "Stand as a Witness."

"Stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places."   (Mosiah 18:9)

"I Know That My Redeemer Lives"  (Hymns, no. 136)


1.  Integrate the activities associated with this event into the existing Young Women program.  Counsel with your priesthood leaders as you plan these activities and events.

2.  Introduce the theme "Stand as a Witness" at the New Beginnings program.   Consider how the Young Women values relate to Christlike attributes.

3.  During opening exercises this year, sing hymns that testify of the Savior's life, His mission, and His Atonement (see Hymns, Topics Index, "Jesus Christ-- Savior," 420-421.  Invite the young  women to memorize all verses of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" (Hymns, no, 136)

4.  On or near November 28, 2000, young women, together with their families, Young Women leaders, and priesthood leaders, are invited to develop and participate in a special stake or district musical tribute to the life and mission of the Savior.  This event could include stories, narration, or displays that exemplify the theme.

As a finale, have all the young women as a choir sing the Hymn, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives"  (Hymns # 136).  Additional suggestions for the use of the hymn will appear in the January 2000 issue of the New Era.  This event could
be combined with or replace Young Women in Excellence this year.

5.  Additional activities relating to the theme can be integrated into the existing Young Women program throughout the year.  For example, a young women could write a letter to her family that includes her testimony of the Savior; compile testimonies and conversion stories of family members; express her feelings of Christ through art, music, writing, speech, handwork, or service;  and prayerfully seek for ways to perform service by herself or with a group.  Also encourage young women to preserve a written testimony of the Savior for future generations.

The young women could display the results of these activities at the November event.

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