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Pathway of Faith Points

Read or recite Article of Faith 1--2 points

Scenario 1: I have faith in God's promises in the scriptures

a) Pretend like you're drinking and pour it out when no one is looking.--0 points. You didn't drink, which was good, but you didn't stand up for what you knew was right. If you have active faith, you will act with integrity.

b) Say, "Coach, you know I don't drink alcohol, not even a little bit." Then you drink milk instead. --3 points, you stood up for your beliefs and did the right thing.

c) You accept a glass and drink it. After all, it's only a little bit of wine. If it's really wrong, you can repent later.-- -3 points

Read or recite Article of Faith 2--2 points

Scenario number 2: I have faith the God gave me commandments for my benefit

a)Whine, "It's not fair. It's Jake's turn to do that!"-- -2 points. Imperfect as they are, they are your parents. Give them the kindness and consideration you'd like from them. You'll be happier for it. After all, when we keep this commandment we are promised great blessings.

b) Say, "Dad, I'll do it, but did you know that it is Jake's turn?"--2 points. Hooray for doing it and for saying what you said in a reasonable voice. Maybe they needed the reminder--but maybe they knew of some circumstances that you didn't which made them ask you to take Jake's turn.

c) Take out the trash with a smile.--3 points. Wow! Are you available for adoption?

d) Take out the trash, whining and complaining as you go, and remind your Dad about it for the next two months.-- -4 points. With this kind of attitude, your parents will only FEEL like your days are long upon the land.

Read or recite Article of Faith 3--2 points.

Sing "I am a Child of God"--2 points

Scenario number 3: I have faith in the principle of forgiveness

a) Go to her and tell her what you heard and how it made you feel. If she did say those things, forgive her, even if she didn't ask to be forgiven (Matt. 18:15).--3 points. It may be hard, but you made the right choice. Plus, when you forgive others, the Lord will forgive you.

b) Say something mean about her to the other girls in the ward. See how she likes it.-- -3 points. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Plus, what happens if she didn't say those things or didn't mean them the way they were reported to you? You could really hurt her. The rule is do unto others as you would have others do to you, not do unto others what you think they did to you so they'll know how it felt.

c) Never go to church again. You could never forgive her, nor the other girls for not telling her off when she said it.-- -3 points. The only people you hurt by boycotting church is yourself, your family (present and future), your friends, and Heavenly Father--not the girl who hurt your feelings. You miss out on blessings the gospel offers. Plus, keeping bad feelings inside only destroys the container.

Read or recite Article of Faith 4--2 points

Scenario number 4: I have Faith in impressions I receive and commandments we have been given.

a) Watch the movie, It's a good movie--it even has a church in it. Besides, aren't we supposed to do stuff with our families on Sunday? Watching the movie will bring you closer together, right?-- -2 points. You know what is right and wrong. Rationalizing away spiritual feelings makes it more difficult for you to listen to the Spirit next time and do the right things.

b) Say, "We'll watch it the next time we get together. Then we'll know what we want to do right off and not sit around saying, 'what do you want to do?' for an hour." Instead you decide to watch church videos, write letters to your grandparents, or help make the dessert for dinner together.-- 4 points. Great ideas. You not only followed your spiritual impressions and kept the Sabbath day holy, but found uplifting ways to strengthen your relationships with family members at the same time.

c) You sit in front of the TV wishing you were watching a movie and feeling that keeping the Sabbath is really restrictive.-- -2 points. You didn't actually watch the movie, but your attitude was the same as if you had. There are many positive ways to keep the Sabbath day holy that you can enjoy doing and that can increase your gospel knowledge and faith, and your relationships with family and Heavenly Father.

Sing "I Know My Father Lives"--2 points

Read or recite Article of Faith 5--2 points

Scenario number 5: I have faith in the words of the prophets

a) You tell him that sounds like a great idea. You're almost 17 now. Probably the prophet didn't mean the group date rule for 16 year olds as mature as you are. Besides, it is for a very special occasion.-- -3 points. If Jesus had told you personally not to date until after age 16 and then only group date until you are ready for marriage (or courtship), would you do the same thing? The prophet reveals God's will to us. Following that counsel, even if it is hard, will bring great blessings.

b) You say that it sounds like fun, but you were thinking that maybe you could make a candlelight dinner at your house instead. Also, since his parents hadn't met your parents yet, you could have both sets join you. It would be like a restaurant, but you wouldn't be single dating, so you'd be following what the prophet said.-- 2 points. You're doing the right things, but you don't have hide that you're following the prophet's counsel. He may even be relieved that you want to follow the prophet and become more courageous in showing his own testimony of the gospel.

c) You say that his idea sounds really sweet, but you would feel more comfortable if you brought along another couple, since the prophet said to group date when you're sixteen until you're ready for courtship. You were thinking that to celebrate your anniversary, you could help start another romance. Wouldn't his best friend and your best friend be perfect for each other? You suggest that the two of you set them up on a double date with you for that night. You figure that group dating is the best way to go, especially since he still needs to go on his mission and you're not even our of high school yet.-- 4 points. You're following the prophet and standing up for what you know is right. Plus, you realize that following the prophet can be fun.

Read or recite Article of Faith 6--2 points

Scenario number 6: I believe that the prophets' warnings are inspired.

The prophets have told us not to watch rated R movies. Would you watch a rated R movie under any of these circumstances?

a) Reviews said that it was a really good film, only rated R for language. You hear all of those words at school anyway.-- -3 points. Follow the prophet. Just because you ingested a little poison and survived should not encourage you to eat more of it.

b) It was assigned for your history class in an unedited version.-- -3 points. It may be hard to believe, but you have other options besides not following the prophet. Try to get a different assignment or see if the teacher will edit it for you. See if you can read a book on the period or watch a different movie. If you're brave and your teacher won't accept an alternate assignment, you may even miss the class and/or any assignments related to the movie--choosing to lower your grade rather than to lower your standards.

c) All of your friends said it shouldn't have been rated R and it was really terrific.-- -3 points. Every movie rated R is given that rating for a reason. There's something in there, even if your friends didn't notice. They may be desensitized to it.

d) You heard that there was only one bad scene that you could close your eyes through or fast forward through.-- -3 points. If you got a taco with only one cockroach in it, would you eat most of the taco but carefully avoid the cockroach or get a different taco altogether? One bad scene is worse than a cockroach. Plus, the one bad scene is probably related to the plot and will have ramifications in many of the other scenes. You'll still have to think about what happened in the scene and become desensitized to it.

Read or recite Article of Faith 7--2 points.

Scenario number 7: I have faith that modesty brings blessings and I know that my body is sacred.

a) Go to a fabric store and pick out a modest pattern and some fancy fabric so you can have a modest dress.--4 points. You're supporting the modest clothing industry and showing others that you can be modest and beautiful.

b) Buy the dress and think that since everyone else will be wearing short, tight, really low cut, sleeveless, strapless or spaghetti strap dresses, yours in comparison would hardly seem immodest.-- -3 points. Righteousness isn't relative. There are absolute standards, and you would know that you had not covered yourself properly. Plus, when you get married in the temple, you can't wear that dress again.

c) Buy the dress, but buy some matching fabric to fill in the neckline a little bit.--3 points. Good. You did support the people making immodest clothes, but you are making sure that you are properly covered and respecting your body. You'll be glad, especially after you go to the temple and still can wear your pretty dress.

Read or recite Article of Faith 8--2 points.

Sing "Faith"--2 points.

Scenario number 8: I have faith in the principle of repentance.

a) Feel worthy and make an appointment with the Bishop for a recommend interview.--4 points. You really believe in the cleansing power of repentance.

b) Feel like the Bishop said you were forgiven, but somehow there must be a difference between being forgiven and being totally clean.-- -2 points. If you're really forgiven, you're really clean. Maybe if you learned more about repentance, you would develop more faith in this important principle.

c) Still feel totally unworthy to go to the temple, regardless of what the Bishop said.-- -3 points. Please learn to forgive yourself. If you're having a hard time, talk to your Bishop. He may help you learn more about repentance. Isaiah tells us that though our sins be as scarlet, they can be as white as snow. Hopefully you will soon have real faith in Christ's atonement and feel clean again.

Read or recite Article of Faith 9--2 points.

Scenario number 9: I have faith in God's Promises in my Patriarchal Blessing

a) Date and marry him if he asks anyway, figuring he's the best you can do around here.-- -3 points. If you're promised a temple marriage, you will eventually get one if you remain worthy. Obviously, if you can marry in the temple, this guy is NOT the best you can do, here or anywhere else.

b) Date him for a while, hoping that eventually he'll be interested in the Church.-- -3 points. Don't take the chance on falling in love with someone who cannot take you to the temple. Remember, you were promised a temple marriage based on your faithfulness. Don't lose it because you let yourself fall in love with someone who may never join the church.

c) Go somewhere with a large LDS population, hoping to find a worthy LDS man there.--4 points. That sure raised your chances of meeting someone sooner rather than later. This is a good idea, especially if the Spirit directs you to move there. Go to Institute or Religion classes to increase your possibilities even more.

d) Go to all of the LDS activities in your area so you can meet all of the LDS men in your area and pray to Heavenly Father that he will help you find your eternal companion.--4 points. Heavenly Father wants you to be happy and will direct you. There are benefits to marrying someone from the same area as you. You are more likely to have similar backgrounds.

Read or recite Article of Faith 10--2 points.

Scenario number 10: I have faith in the power of the priesthood

a) Assume that the man who gave the blessing didn't know what he was talking about.-- -3 points. The man held the priesthood of God. Honor him and his priesthood. Some blessings take a while to be fulfilled.

b) Work on your prayer and scripture study personally and encourage your family to do the same so that you will have enough faith for her to be healed.--4 points. You not only are working on developing your own faith, but are helping your family do so as well.

c) Give up. Obviously she's not going to get better.-- -3 points. You need to show Heavenly Father that you believe in His plan and His ability to heal your mom in due time.

d) Realize that the Lord's time table is not your time table. Keep praying and hoping that she'll recover.--4 points. Sometimes sickness is not only a trial for the person who's sick, but also for the people who want the sick person to be healed. After the trials come the blessings.

Read or recite Article of Faith 11--2 points

Scenario number 11: I have faith that I am a daughter of God and that he loves me

a) I look in the mirror and say, "I know I'm somebody. God spends his time on worthwhile people and things."--3 points. Good for you. You really are of infinite worth.

b) I look in the mirror, sigh, and wonder if the person who taught me really knew what I was like.-- -2 points. You are a daughter of God. No matter what you think of yourself, God loves you and sees your divine potential.

c) I look in the mirror, smile, and say, "Well, you're not perfect, but you're still great. Walk tall, you're a daughter of God."--3 points. Good for you. You remember who you are.

d) I don't even look at myself in the mirror. I am so disgusted with who I am.-- -3 points. Talk to a friend, family member, or Heavenly Father to help you recognize how much you are loved and how much you can become.

Read or recite Article of Faith 12--2 points.

Scenario number 12: I have faith in the power of prayer.

a) Cry a lot.-- -2 points. Pull yourself together. There is something you can do. The prayer of the righteous can do much.

b) Talk about how you wish you had been there faster and maybe he wouldn't have been hurt.-- -2 points. "What might have been" is counter productive, but prayer can work miracles.

c) Get on the phone with your friends. They just have to know what just happened.-- -2 points. This is a serious time for your family. Gather your family together to comfort each other, pray, and unite your faith.

d) Pray with your brother and sister. Tell Heavenly Father the situation and your fears. Even spend several hours on your knees, praying for your brother and for comfort. Pray to know that he'll be all right or that whatever happens, he's in the Lord's hands.--4 points. You know the comfort and blessings that come through prayers of faith.

Read or recite Article of Faith 13--2 points.

Scenario number 13: I have faith in the resurrection

a) Cry. You'll miss her. But you won't go hysterical because you know that someday she'll be resurrected and you'll be able to see each other again. You believe that you will still be friends and that you'll have fun together in the millennium.--4 points. It's okay to cry, but you have faith in the plan of salvation, which includes resurrection from the dead.

b) Freak out! She can't leave you! You'll never see her again!-- -2 points. If you believed in the plan of salvation, you would know where we go after we die, why we die, and about the resurrection. Perfect faith casteth out fear.

c) Get mad at God. Doesn't He know she's too young to die?-- -3 points. God loves you and your friend and he sees her situation perfectly. He has a plan for us designed with our happiness in mind. I hope you learn about this plan and more fully put your faith in God as the author of it.

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