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Becoming a Righteous
Husband and Father

Learn about Appropriate and Creative Dating (See Dates and Dating); Eternal Courtship (see Dating, Courtship and Marriage under Idea Index)

Explore occupation and career options (learn about computers, cars, engineering, mathematics, teaching, construction, etc.)

Learn to fix appliances, cars, bikes, things around the house

Learn how to unplug sinks and toilets, repair leaky faucets and pipes (basic plumbing)

Fitness and Sports activities

Learn how to serve better in callings

Learn about Temples--prepare to go, do baptisms for the dead, do genealogy, have a Special Temple Night (you will have to alter some ideas to suit young men), look forward to righteous marriage in temple (Grooms Night--alter Brides Night to suit young men)

Have a speaker come talk about strengthening marriages--better communication skills, what to expect from marriage

Practice running a Family Home Evening and brainstorm ways to make FHE more successful, now and in the future

Make a FHE bag which contains ideas for activities, cutouts and pictures for lessons, a Family Home Evening Manual, recipes for desserts and special meals, ideas for special occasions, free places to go, and a bag of popcorn

Make several plans for FHE lessons and activities which a youth could carry out. Have everyone volunteer to take charge of the next week's Family Home Evening.

Emergency Preparedness--have a Physical Preparedness Night

Learn how to be an effective grocery shopper (good buys, organizing lists, planning meals, thrift)

Learn to dance--ballroom, square dancing, line dancing, etc. and hold a dance--invite the young women to come too

Learn what to look for when choosing an eternal companion (Alter What Kind of Man Do You Want to Marry?) Have a marriage counselor from LDS Social Services, parents or bishop talk about character traits, etc.

Learn how to write checks, balance checkbook, budget, pay bills

Learn how to do little boys and little girls hair (haircuts, braiding, pony tails, hair clips--when your wife's in the hospital you'll be glad you know this and so will your children)

Learn how to care for a lawn and garden

Learn about insulation and how to make a home more energy efficient

Learn about electrical and natural gas safety

Learn how to care for a baby and child

Learn fun games for children and what children of different age groups enjoy

Get involved with grandparents or other older people

Become a storyteller

Learn about fun family traditions and identify some you would like to have in your own home

Learn about priesthood blessings--what to do, good times to give and receive them

Develop Christmas traditions that keep Christ in Christmas

Learn how to record family history and ways to preserve family memories

Find ways to use appropriate media

Learn ways to make work fun

Learn to make several different dinners

Learn how to use money more wisely and ways to teach wise money usage to children

Practice expressing gratitude better--notes, verbal thanks, in prayers, gifts, etc.

Learn how to plan well-prepared, fun vacations

Learn how to use family councils, how to conduct parent/child interviews and to use husband/wife discussions

Find ideas for family fun

Learn to use a map

Learn how to landscape

Learn how to organize time, clothes, tools, dorm room, etc.

Appreciate the Arts--painting, theater, music, sculpture--develop a talent in the arts, attend a show or exhibition, present a show for others

Testimony Sharing night

Family Scripture Study Ideas and Techniques

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