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Breakfast at Sunrise

Pack a breakfast and take it to a mountain, a field, or a rooftop. Enjoy the view!

Breakfast for Champions

If you or your date have a friend or relative in sports, give the team a breakfast before a game. Give them awards for best eater, best finish, best milk mustache, etc.

Love at Sunrise

Have an early morning breakfast with a game of tennis.

House of Pancakes

Make pancakes or French toast for one of your families. For a longer date, go from one house to another making breakfast until everyone's family has eaten breakfast.


Picnic with Shakespeare

Pack a picnic lunch, take it to a park, and read a Shakespearean play together after lunch. Bring several couples and have everyone read or act a part!

Look Ma! No Hands!

Make a lunch that requires utensils. Then don't use any. You can only eat with your fingers. Provide plenty of napkins.

Lunch With a View

Hike your lunch up a mountain or large hill. Have everyone bring part of the lunch. Or, you and a friend bring a table up to the top and set it with pretty dishes and fancy food to surprise your dates.

Indoor Picnic

Don't let cold weather stop you from picnicking. Spread out a blanket in a living room or family room and have a picnic inside. Make S'mores in the oven or in the fireplace.


Dress up in native Hawaiian clothing, serve pineapple, roast pork, poi, or other Hawaiian foods. Learn the hula. Listen to Hawaiian music. Learn to play the ukulele. Wear flowers and leis (paper or plastic ones if real flowers are too hard to come by).

One Color Feast

Pick a color. That's the color you meal will be. For example, green could mean salads, green beans, green apples, lime Jell-O, green Kool-aid, spinach, artichokes, green peppers, broccoli, pizza with the cheese colored green, spinach spaghetti, etc. Red could mean cherries, fruit punch, strawberries, tomato sauce over something, red licorice, etc.

Fruit Pizza

In the Summer, check out the Fresh Fruit stands or fruit markets. Buy selected fruits and return and make fruit pizzas or banana splits!


Order By Number

Prepare several different drinks, main courses, side dishes, and desserts. (Prepare it with the group for more fun!) Make a menu with only numbers on it. Ask brothers, sisters, or parents to assign numbers to each of the foods and serve as waiters and waitresses. Now, you and your group order your meals by number. To make it even more interesting, don't label the number categories or assign numbers to the plates, forks, spoons, and cups as well. (Parents love this date, since you made enough food for your date and for the whole family)

$5 Meal

Go to a grocery store and have each couple buy food to make a meal for two that costs under $5 total. Go to one of your houses and make it. Everyone samples each meal. Then give prizes for best tasting, most nutritious, most creative, most expensive, least expensive, most economical, most difficult to prepare, easiest to prepare, longest to prepare, most nutritionally balanced, most original, most fattening, etc.

Ties that Bind

Make a spaghetti dinner for a group date. Once they're at the table, tie everyone's right hand to the left hand of the person on their right. Give everyone forks and go for it.

Progressive dinner

Go to each person's house for a different part of the meal. You decide how elaborate you want the meal to be. For a fancy meal, first, get an appetizer. Then drinks. Next get a salad or soup. Then get a main dish. Then get vegetables and fruits. Then get bread. Then get dessert. Then get mints and have an activity. (for variety, have a theme: countries around the world, fast food, hobos, different eras--20's, 50's, 70's, futuristic, different seasons, different holidays, etc. Dress for the theme.)

Deserted Island

Plan a dinner on a "Deserted Island," i.e. a large traffic island, a playground in a park, etc. Check for permission. Also try a real island in a lake, parking lot, pick-up truck, U-haul truck, or van.

Drive-in Garage Dinner and Movie

Drive-in theaters can be expensive. So, set up a large TV in the garage and watch a movie there. Have friends or family members take your dinner order and bring it out to you in the garage. Bring bags of popcorn and sodas to enjoy during the movie. If you have a larger car or van, you can have several couples. Or, in larger garages, have two or more cars line up to watch the movie. Check out the movie from the library for an even less expensive date.

RENNID SDRAWKCAB (Backwards Dinner)

Wear clothes backwards, start with dessert first and finish with appetizers. Wear name tags with names written backwards. Sit at the table backwards. Eat using the hand you don't usually use. For the brave--only talk in backwards sentences.

Tinfoil Delights

Make tinfoil dinners and eat them up in the mountains or in the woods. Or bake them in your backyard or in the oven and pretend like you're camping. Sing campfire songs and tell stories around wherever you're baking your dinner--even if it is just the oven.

Fast Food Formals

Ask for permission from store manager first. Bring a fancy tablecloth, candlesticks and matches to a fast food restaurant that has outdoor seating. Order your dinner and eat at the fancy table. Dress up for this date and even bring red carpet for your date to walk on from the car to the door. If no fast food restaurants have outdoor tables or will not give permission to have lit candles on their property, take your meal to a park and enjoy!

Order your Utensils

Have everyone bring large or unusual items that could be used as utensils. Have someone number them and everyone orders one or two of them. Then eat a meal with only those utensils. E.g.--strainers, large serving spoons, spatulas, graters, whisks, pasta forks, measuring spoons, ladles, measuring cups, chopsticks, tongs, nutcrackers, ice cream scoops, or jar lids.

On Top of the World

Make a candlelight dinner on top of a parking structure or in an infrequently used elevator.


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