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Learn about balancing a healthy meal

Learn to cook something new

Learn about shopping more effectively on a budget--include places in the area which offer especially low prices, ways to avoid impulsive shopping behaviors, planning for food storage on a limited budget, etc.

Learn how to exercise at home with common house hold objects--stairs, cans of soup, brooms, etc.

Learn about breast cancer, how to screen for it, health risks, etc.

Learn about heart disease and other health problems which could be prevented or treated with a healthy lifestyle

Learn about pregnancy and childbirth, how to prepare for it, what options are available in your area, how to take good care of yourself so it can be as uneventful as possible

Learn about personal safety--have a police officer come and talk about safety and about programs available in your area

Learn about making your home a safer place with fire alarms and smoke detectors, non-slip bath tubs, safety railings where necessary, non-slip rugs and stairs, good locks, good lighting, etc.

Learn about LDS Social Services and Church teachings and policies relating to unwed parents

Learn how to conduct music for church. Practice by offering to be a substitute chorister for Relief Society, baptisms, or substituting for the sacrament meeting chorister.

Learn how to uplift others in the home. Learn about taking care of babies and children. Learn about decorating a home.

Learn about Housekeeping. Learn to clean a kitchen from top to bottom. Learn to prepare a nutritious, well-balanced, and economical meal for a family in a timely fashion.

Invite a specialist to teach the class how to replace a faucet washer, change a fuse, repair an electric plug, unclog a sink or drain, or hang a picture.

Get someone who knows about interior decorating to teach about decorating a room, using wallpaper, furniture, mixes of color, curtains, flower arrangements, and pictures. Have him or her tell how different uses of space, light, shapes, and color can create different moods in a home. Have each sister design a room that she would someday like to have.

Help the sisters learn about finding good prices for food, kitchen tools, furniture, clothes, etc.

Help the sisters learn to repair clothing such as holes in pants, skirts that need to be hemmed, unravelling sweaters, or zippers that don't work.

Learn about creating an atmosphere in a home using music, soft words, light, cleanliness, etc.

Learn about using biodegradable and inexpensive ingredients for health and beauty products and/or cleaning supplies (ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, Bleach, baking soda, vinegar, salt, lemon juice, egg, cucumber, alum powder, garlic, etc.)

Learn about child development and learn some fun activities for children of each stage of development.

Go to the public library and get a tour. Learn how to research different topics. Learn how to use the card catalogue, the computer references, and other library resources. Have each sister check out a book on something that will increase her understanding of the world. Later, have each sister present something she learned so everyone can benefit from what others learned.

Have a My Fair Lady Night to help the sisters become more refined (the night was originally designed for Young Women but can easily transfer to Relief Society sisters)

Learn to wash clothes with stains and relate the bleach to repentance. Learn about other cleaning or whitening agents: Hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, ammonia, etc. and relate them to parts of an inner cleaning process.

Follow a recipe which needs specific instructions in order for the recipe to work. Life also uses specific intructions. Luckily, we have the recipe books--our scriptures and patriarchal blessings.

Learn how to read food labels and use the information to make healthy food choices for a better life. To help our spirits stay healthy we have different information to read. Relate trusting food labels to trusting what God has said, but God is more reliable. It is even more important to trust and use the information God has given to us than to read food labels. It affects our eternal life.

Take a walk in someone else's shoes. Have parents and youth trade places, clothes and attitudes (do this in a skit, or with everyone). The parents will whine, say rude things, be helpful, say kind words, or whatever else their girls do. Then the girls will do what their parents do. Then have the girls and parents do what they would like the other side to do for them. Have them explain where they are coming from, why they do the things they do, and ask for patience with them. Hopefully, both sides will realize that they aren't always perfect just like the other side isn't perfect, so both sides should be more patient, meek, and long-suffering toward each other.

Have a Missionary Night. In addition to the ideas suggested on the page, discuss ways to finance a mission for children or for yourself and your spouse when you get older.

For Relief Society and Young Women--Look through a prom issue of a magazine and see if anything meets the Lord's standards. Try designing a modest prom or party dress. Go to a cloth store and pick out modest patterns. Or see what it would take to make a pattern more modest. Find pretty fabric, lace, etc. that would make a beautiful, elegant, fun, yet modest dress. Learn about how to sew fancy clothing. Save the information to reference for when a party comes up.

Read Alma 24. Discuss what weapons of war each sister has. Some of them are the hurtful words we use towards ourselves and others. Write the hurtful words on slips of paper and bury them (in a garden, trash can, whatever). Promise not to use those weapons of war anymore. Practice using kind words by writing letters to people expressing appreciation for what they have done for you.

Learn how to better clean a kitchen, bathroom, or other part of a house

Learn how to organize papers, books, clothes, shoes, craft materials, etc.

Learn how to use a planner or calendar to plan occasional, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activities

Learn about plants and flowers that grow well in your area and what to do to grow them in your garden

Learn how to do genealogy

Make a book for your genealogy records

Visit or watch a slide show or movie of a Church history site

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