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Callings for
New Converts

President Hinckley has reminded us that new members need friends, callings, and nurturing with the good word of God

First, some thoughts.  Converts are intelligent.   They can tell if we're just making work for them or if they are contributing significantly.  We have also been recently reminded that new converts need to attend their normal classes to be fed the good word of God.  Do not isolate them somewhere outside of their class or give them a position which they have not prepared for.   Hyrum Smith was told first to learn God's word and then declare it.  So it is with new converts.  One more thought:  if they can work closely with more mature members of the church--getting to know people, doctrines, and culture better, they will be more successful and feel more comfortable in our church.

There may be other appropriate callings not lisited and some of these ideas I brainstormed may not be approapriate upon further reflection.   Let the Holy Ghost (as always) be your guide.

Greeter--share this position with someone who knows most people in the ward by name to help introduce them

Committee member--Homemaking Board, Activities Committee (ward or stake), etc.

Scouting--especially if they have experience in this area

Chorister, Pianist--in sacrament meeting, Relief Society, young men's or young women's (if they are youth)--they might want a book to practice, and they might want to borrow the tapes or CD's of the Hymns to become more familiar with them

Bulletin coordinator--if they are given several examples of what is expected, they can do a fine job

Compassionate service leader or related jobs

Homemaking class teacher--gardening, cooking, quilting, car repair, self-defense, or whatever their talents are

Sports specialist

Church magazine representative

Genealogy specialist

Cannery Coordinator

Home Teaching or Visiting Teaching coordinator--do reports or gather the info

Keep track of the budget expenditures for an organization--presidencies will love you (so will the budget clerk who has enough to do without figuring out how much each organization's budget remains on demand)

Humanitarian Aid Resource person--find meaningful service for ward or stake members (collectively or individually); a great help for the compassionate service leader in Relief Society

Event Coordinator (or assistant) for a musical, special stake or ward event (Roadshows, stake or ward plays, etc.)

Ward Historian--keep a journal or scrapbook of significant ward people and experiences as well as showing the growth of the church in the area

Preparedness committee member or chairperson

Help with children's class during Homemaking (better if not a Relief Society sister who should be attending Homemaking)

Help the Physical Facilities Representative (PFR) arrange meetinghouse clean-up

Help Elder's Quorum arrange set up

Plan and help with Young Single Adult or Single Adult activities (YSA or SA committee member if single)

Birthday person for Relief Society

Handout/ Poster person for classes and events, or set up or clean up for events

Help Ward Mission leader set up baptisms

Sunday school class presidents or secretaries. 

Public relations person

Physical facilities rep. or helper

Help with Quarterly Activities (for Primary)

Organize Achievement Days (for Primary 8-11 year old girls--also for boys of the same age where scouting is not available)

Personal Progress Specialist for Young Women's organization

Stake Missionary

Missionary meal coordinator

Help plan Youth Conference

Some things to keep us anxiously engaged in a good work (calling or not):

Welfare farm or cannery assignments (both welfare and home canning)

Do genealogy

Go out on splits with the missionaries

Offer to chaperone a youth dance

Help set up or clean up for a meeting or activity

Help someone move

Bring in a meal to a new mom, a sick person, or someone else who could use the extra help

Volunteer to help at an activity (ward, stake, primary, youth--ask a leader and they will love you!)

Offer someone a ride to a church activity or meeting

Feed the missionaries

Help clean up the meetinghouse

Tell leaders your interests, talents and skills so that they can utilize your knowledge and abilities

Attend every church activity you can

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