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Relief Society Birthday


Dinner or Refreshment Ideas

Taco Bar--have every bring an item, such as cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, chiles, guacamole, beans, chips or hard taco shells, flour tortillas--Provide shredded chicken and/or seasoned hamburger.

Potato Bar--Make a sign up sheet for baked potatoes, butter, sour cream, bacon, chives, cheese, chili, etc.

"Chinese Sunday Bar"--make a big pot of rice. Have other sisters bring things like pineapple chunks, water chestnuts, chunks of chicken breast, chopped tomatoes, green onions, shredded cheese, gravy, chinese noodles, and anything else you can think of, and put
it all out like a salad bar. You start out with rice and build from there with whatever you like on it. Sometimes we had homemade rolls, other times fortune cookies, crackers, etc. Whoever made the chicken, usually made some gravy too. It is really good and more filling than you can imagine. ~Pat

Progressive dinner on BIKES--pedal to a different course at each house (place somewhat close together and to the church) Those who can not bike due to age or health complications, of course, drive.  (We met at the church, did bike checks, etc.   Then one of the brethren followed behind the bikers with tire pumps, etc. or just biker pick ups if it got to be too much.  It was a great afternoon and we all had a wonderful time. After appetizers, salad and soup, we returned to the church for pie and ice cream. An Elder's Quorum President came up with this one)~Louwanna

At Christmas, our RS planned a Christmas progressive dinner for the sisters only.... and to 3 homes that really went out for decorating in a major way.... one sister having 36 nativity sets on display alone!  Again this was a great time for sisters...~Louwanna

Party Ideas

Play pin the flower arrangement on the table, have a fact-finding worksheet (find someone who dyes her hair, find someone who has lived in New York, find someone who likes artichokes, etc.), name that hymn, lip-sync contest, cookie exchange, cake decorating contest, balloon volleyball

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Service Ideas

See Service under Idea Index

Program Ideas

Reenact a portion of the first Relief Society meeting, tell about ways the sisters served in the beginning, have a priesthood brother come and read several of the statements Joseph Smith said about the Relief Society's purpose and potential. 

Take the Relief Society through time--from the beginning through today.  Share what prophets and other leaders have said about Relief Society and women in the Church.

Play the video of the last General Relief Society Meeting.

Entertain while reinforcing testimony of the Book of Mormon by adapting this satire into a skit "Trouble at River City" by Reuben Dunn.  You may wish to change "on this BBS" into "in this city" for it to make more sense in a skit form.  Definitely have a narrator read the descriptions.


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