Article on the internet about me that contains false and career damaging content

Dear Russell:

Thank you for the cordial visit on the telephone today. I am hopeful that the misinformation you have put on the internet can either be totally removed, or at least corrected. Since you and the Browns have misrepresented me I would ask that you to give me a chance to correct the information you publish before releasing it in the future. I hope this can be handled in a professional and Christian manner, without ill will or repercussions.

The purpose of this letter is to supply the information you requested so you can correct your article about me.

  1. The God Makers movie did introduce me as "author, college professor, expert on Mormon archaeology." It is true that I have written several books and have taught at the college and seminary level. I have never claimed to be an expert on Mormon archaeology. I had no control over the script of the God Makers movie. I was interviewed for two hours on video tape, they selected about two minutes of material to put in the movie. I never saw the product until it was released as a movie. I was shocked to be listed as an expert in Mormon archaeology. How can I be an expert in the nonexistent? I have said for twenty years that no one could be an expert in Mormon archaeology.
  2. I have studied biblical archaeology for thirty years. I have visited most of the biblical sites repeatedly, and read extensively in the field of biblical archaeology. I am thoroughly acquainted with this field of study. The comments I made in the God Makers movie are true beyond refutation.

    In addition I have spent thirty years researching biblical manuscripts. I have personally seen the most significant old biblical manuscripts, Sinitic, Vatican, Alexandrian, Ephraeim, Nag Hammidi texts, P-66, etc. I have personally photographed these as well as seen many other originals. I have been to the Vatican Library, the Monastery of St. Catherine's at Sinai, the Coptic museum in Cairo, British Museum, Louvre, Smithsonian, etc. I have seen the Dead Sea Scrolls, talked with the original purchaser of the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Bedouins, been in his office, personally examined some of the scrolls, etc. I have studied both Greek and Hebrew and can read these old documents. Judge for yourself, as to whether I am an expert or not in this field. Your document deceives.

  3. About my degrees. The Browns' and your affirmation that a nonaccredited degree is not valid is nonsense. The affirmation that a degree is needed to be a specialist in a field goes strongly against your own religion. What about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, your apostles, writers, etc.
    1. Bachelor of Sacred Literature, 1956, Church of Christ School of Evangelism; the name later changed to Northwest College of the Bible. This was a rigorous course of study, 128 semester hours, in addition a full thesis was required. Others who graduated with me from this school now hold prominent positions throughout the west. It was a small, but fine school. I began my study of archaeology and biblical manuscripts there under the "Billy Sunday of the west," Archie Word. He and the others were master teachers.
    2. Master of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, 1975, Lincoln Christian Seminary, the graduate school of Lincoln Christian College. Lincoln Christian College was accredited at the time I studied at Lincoln Christian Seminary. The Seminary was in the process of accreditation and did measure up as it received ATS and Regional accreditation. (Accreditation did not make the school valid, only confirmed that it had already been valid.)
    3. Master of Divinity, Magna Cum Laude, 1977, Lincoln Christian Seminary, This is a ninety hour Masters degree, sixty hours past the M.A. Requirements are similar to the PHD degree.
    4. Doctor of Ministry degree, Suma Cum Laude, 1978, Luther-Rice Seminary. Luther-Rice is a pioneer in theological education and has set the standard followed by other seminaries. They were the very first to offer the Doctor of Ministry degree and became the pattern for over fifty other seminaries to follow. They were the standard of excellence. Who accredits the leader? There were 3800 students at Luther-Rice the year I was there.
    5. Thee hundred and eight of us received our doctorates in 1977. This list reads like a list of Who's Who in religion today. Dr. Stephen Olford, "Prince of baptist preachers"; Dr. Spiro Zodiates, leading specialist in New Testament Greek; Dr. Dan Shaffer, preacher of the largest Assembly of God church in America; Dr. General, Jerry Curry of President Bush's cabinet, Dr. Henry Morris, and the President of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School of Chicago, etc.

      At the time I was at Luther-Rice the President of the Seminary was a past president of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist church is the largest Protestant denomination with over sixteen million members. The program was advertised as the most difficult, but beneficial doctorate in theology in America.

    6. I do have a Clinical Pastoral Counseling Certificate -- it is hanging on my wall. It is from St. Luke's Hospital in Boise. I could have been licensed following this training. Others did and went to work in industry and education. My purpose was not to work as a psychologist, but to better serve the church, so I did not apply for the license.
    7. The problem with the Browns' statements are semantical, i.e. "certificate vs. Certification." I do have a certificate showing completion of this training. My training in psychology came in my bachelor and master's work, followed by eight semester hours of clinical experience at St. Luke's CPEC training program. You and the Browns misrepresent this fact.

      What was this training? Following hours of college training in psychology I enlisted in CPEC. This is clinical experience in the work of psychology. I worked with Dr. Charles Marsh, M.D. Psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Meaney, PHD, Psychologist, and several other well-known psychologists.

    The Browns' and your information about me is false and misleading.

  4. About my writings. (The Browns asked for what I had written about the LDS religion. I gave them this information, they then assumed that was all I had published.) Here are a few things:


    1. The Bible and Mormon Scriptures Compared, $7.00, in its eighth printing. It was my Masters Thesis, translated into Russian and Spanish.
    2. A Practical Guide to Soul Winning, $9.00. This was my Doctoral Dissertation. It sold out of print twice and was used as a college text book on three continents.
    3. Ashamed of Joseph, Mormon Foundations Crumble, $11.00.
    4. Several others...

Education Videos

    1. Balance verses Burnout in Ministry (three hours)
    2. Administering the Church for Evangelism and Growth (five hours)
    3. Family Financial Seminar (nine hours)
    4. The God Makers (movie)
    5. Advanced Biblical Studies (sixteen hours)
    6. A Text Comparison of the book of Mormon and Bible (one hour)
    7. And others...

Journal Articles

    1. Horizons Magazine...a journal of mission thought
    2. The Christian Standard...America's oldest religious journal...many articles over twenty-five years
    3. The Lookout...many articles over twenty-five years
    4. The Outreach...regular articles
    5. Many others, too numerous to mention


    1. Twice as guest lecturer to church leaders in Zimbabwe, Africa
    2. Once to the Rest Haven Conference, Harare, Zimbabwe -- missionaries from five African Nations
    3. Once to Missionaries from across Europe in Germany
    4. Once to Missionaries in France
    5. Lectured in twenty-seven states on the LDS religion
    6. Lectured on biblical manuscripts and textual criticism in several states
    7. Spoke publicly an average of three hundred times a year for several years.
    8. Hundreds of other lectures nationwide

I hope this material is received in the spirit given. I am a sinner saved by the marvelous grace of Jesus Christ. But I have worked hard and been an honorable Christian. I am deeply offended as a Christian that because I have questioned the Mormon religion on points of doctrine, my character and credibility has been assassinated. It is a trick as old as the Greek philosopher Aristotle who said, "If you cannot answer the argument, attack the messenger."

Here is a summary of what you have published that is false:

  1. Nonaccredited degrees are valid -- not true. The strong inference is that I am poorly educated. Strange that I would be chosen to be the President of an accredited college recognized by CORPA and now CHEA.
  2. I do have a Clinical Pastoral Counseling Certificate. You said I did not.
  3. You said, "He does not have the required education, training, or experience in archaeology." I do.
  4. I do have very extensive experience and training in ancient manuscripts -- you say I do not.
  5. You say I have a Bachelor of Theology. I do not, it is a Bachelor of Sacred Literature. You infer that none of my degrees are valid. This is false.
  6. You say I have only published small $2-3.00 books and only about Mormonism. Above is only a partial list of what I have published.
  7. You quote several college staff who say they do not know me and infer from this faulty reasoning that I am not credible. I know none of them; from your reasoning they are not credible. What a cheap shot!

Russell, I would suspect that you are embarrassed to have been a part of trying to ruin my hard earned reputation. It is sad to see people like the Browns who think they can do their church a favor by spreading lies about others. They are giving the LDS church a gigantic black eye and supplying me a whole new source of information for my next best seller, "Lies Propagated by the LDS Church" or some other such title yet to be determined.

I have been wondering what spiritual or academic qualities the Browns have to qualify them for their scurrilous work done in the series, "They Lie In Wait To Deceive." From my knowledge of the people they attack, the real liars are the Browns. If the LDS church loves the truth they should distance themselves from such blatant bigotry.

Again, thanks for your gentlemanly spirit. Please feel free to reply. I am keeping a copy of all correspondence.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Charles A. Crane