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Ezra Booth 

"This was Ezra Booth, formerly a Methodist minister of Hiram, Portage county, Ohio. He entered the church on seeing a person healed of an infirmity of many years standing; and as he was begotten to the faith by seeing a `miracle,' so too, it appears, he craved continuous miraculous manifestations to feed his spiritual life." (Roberts 1965, vol 1, 265-6)

"His letters make no charge of immorality against the Prophet, or any charge at all that could be said to be serious, or fundamental, the man's soured spirit being taken into account, and the false coloring noted which in all such cases paints the picture untrue to truth. The Booth Letters had but momentary influence, and though they have been several times reproduced in anti-"Mormon" works, they seem never to have been effective in discrediting the work at whose destruction they were leveled." (Roberts 1965, vol 1, 266)