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Is Lucifer the Brother of Jesus?

Question: Don't Latter-day Saints have a different Jesus than Orthodox Christians since they teach that Lucifer is a spirit brother of Jesus? 
The above statement is often used by anti-Mormon detractors in an effort to make the LDS Church appear to be a non-Christian sect or cult. But it serves to highlight a significant difference between Bible doctrine and the views of "orthodox Christians." The Bible clearly indicates that God the Father is the father of the spirits of all mankind, and that both Jesus and Lucifer are also among his sons. "Orthodox Christians" do not accept this Biblical doctrine.

In contrast, Lauer-day Saints believe Jesus, Lucifer and all mankind have a common Heavenly Father. The Bible clearly teaches that all men and women who have ever lived in heaven and on earth are the spirit offspring of our eternal Heavenly Father. Paul taught, "For we are also his offspring. Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device" (Acts 17:28,29).

We see in Luke 3:38 that Adam is a son of God. It is only logical that we, who are descended from him, are members of the same family. The author of Hebrews affirms the brotherhood of all men by stating that we are to be "in subjection unto the Father of Spirits" (Heb. 12:9, see Num. 16:22). The book of I John gives account of our relationship to the Father: "Beloved, now are we the sons of God" (1 John 3:2). Paul speaks of "one God and Father of all (Eph. 4:6).

We learn from the book of Job that "there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them" (Job 1:6). Job makes it clear that as one of the Sons of God, Satan was recognized by the Lord in their presence (Job 1:7- 12,2:1-6). He fell from his heavenly abode, (Luke 10:18, Rev. 12:7-9, Isa. 14:12-14), but that does not negate that he was once a literal "spirit" offspring or child of God. These scriptures clearly show that all of us are offspring of God, our Heavenly Father--including those children who rebelled and followed Satan.

The critic will point to Colossians 1:16 as a prooftext that Jesus is the creator of all things in Heaven and earth and therefore cannot be Lucifer's brother. Such an erroneous interpretation is in sharp contradiction to the passages cited above and others on the subject. The scriptures are clear as to Jesus' creative role and his obedience to his Father's will, but Paul's point in Colossians is not to assert that God the Father did not have spirit children, but rather to emphasize the preeminence of Jesus as he did the will of the Father (v. 18).

That Jesus had a brother named Lucifer is not a new idea to Christians. Catholic writer Giovanni Papini quotes Lactantius, a Third Century Christian writer, from his apologetic work, Divinac Institutines 11.9:

Before creating the world, God produced a spirit like himself replete with the virtues of the Father. Later He made another, in whom the mark of divine origin was erased, because this one was besmirched by the poison of jealousy and turned therefore from good to evil. He was jealous of his older brother who, remaining united with the Father, insured his affection unto himself. This being who from good became bad is called devil by the Greeks.
Papini concludes that, "According to Lactantius, Lucifer would have been nothing less than the brother of the logos, of the word, ie. of the second person of the trinity" (Giovanni Papini, The Devil, p. 81).

Lucifer, or Satan of the Old and New Testaments, initially was in heaven but fell and took one third of the Hosts of Heaven with him (Isa. 14:12, Rev. 12:9). His fall from heaven was confirmed by the Savior (Luke 10:18). The Devil and his angels are most anxious to inhabit the bodies of mortals (Lk. 8:2633; Matt. 9:32). All the Savior did, has done and will do, is the antithesis of Lucifer, but both Jesus and Satan are offspring of God the Father, as are all members of the human family.