One-Minute Answers by Stephen R. Gibson

Contents of One-Minute Answers


This book was written for you--an average member of the Church who may have come across an anti-Mormon tract somewhere along the way and have not taken the time to search out the answers to some of the questions posed in it.

Or, you may have casually browsed through an LDS book written to answer these questions hoping to find the answer, but you lost interest because of the frequency of scholarly terms used, or were put off by the large number of Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew words. Or perhaps there were a lot of statements from the early Christian Fathers, names you didn't recognize or didn't have the time or interest to research.

You really didn't want to learn a new language or study early Christian history. You just wanted the question answered quickly and simply. I hope you will find in this book the answer to some question that has personally concerned you. One-Minute Answers was written to do just that.

This book contains concise, easy-to-understand answers to questions frequently found in anti-Mormon pamphlets today. I have read hundreds of these pamphlets and see many of the same questions over and over.

I have selected the 61 questions that I see most often and have provided quick, common sense answers to them. Occasionally, because a few questions are more complex, some of my answers are longer or more detailed, but you won't find a discussion that takes a doctorate degree to understand, because I can't write that way.

Some who read the manuscript of this book felt a few of the questions were inane and didn't deserve a response. I, too, think a lot of the questions are absurd, however I didn't make up the questions--anti-Mormons did. Therefore, answers to "silly" questions have also been included.

Please don't use these answers as ammunition to take on a local anti-Mormon. If I have learned anything over the years of talking with some of the most renowned opponents of the Church, it is that conversion does not come through argument or scripture bashing. It comes only through honest inquiry and prayerful consideration. Most of the anti-Mormons I have met refuse to do either.

Conversion comes in great part through the Spirit, not solely from the intellect. The intellect, however, can confirm what the Spirit has indicated. It is for that purpose that I have written this book--to aid the reader in understanding important concepts so that lack of knowledge on these points can cease to be an obstacle to spiritual growth.