I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the many people with whom I've worked to produce the ideas that are presented in this hook, as well as for their support in helping me complete it.

My good friend and fellow Scottish missionary, Bi~ Forrest, together with our mutual friend, Van Hale, helped me in this project. They have been defenders of the faith for more than 20 years. They have c~ authored many pamphlets, published under the Monnon Miscellaneous imprint, and have hosted hundreds of radio talk shows.

Malin Jacobs, Steve Mayfield, Kathy Taylor and numerous others helped me gather literature produced by critics of the LDS Church. Maim Jacobs also helped me with some of the weightier discussions I had years ago with the producers of the movie, The God Makers.

My family members, especially my oldest son, Stephen D. Gibson, gave me considerable help and encouragement. Stephen, fresh from the mission field, sequestered himself with Bill Forrest and me in a Colorado cabin for days as we searched the scriptures together and found Biblical parallels related to some of the most-offen-asked questions presented by our detractors.

My friend, BYU professor George Pace, reviewed the manuscript and made suggestions based on his decades of New Testament and gospel study. Finally, my friend Giles Florence and Horizon Publishers' editor Lorin May and Senior Fditor Duane S. Crowther made many important suggestions and improvements in the hook.

All these friends and helpers joined me in this project. I express my profound appreciation to them all for their invalu~e assistance and encouragement.