| Response | Joseph Smith | 1826 Trial |

An affidavit from Isaac Hale,
father-in-law of Joseph Smith 
dated, March 20, 1834.

"Smith, and his father, with several other "money diggers"boarded at my house while they were employed in digging for a mine that they supposed had been opened and worked by the Spaniards many years since. Young Smith, gave the "money diggers" great encouragement, at first, but when they had arrived in digging to near the place where he had stated an immense treasure could be found--he said the enchantment was so powerful that he could not see. They then became discouraged, and soon after dispersed. This took place about the 17th of November, 1825; and one of the company gave me his note for $12.68 for his board, which is still unpaid. After these occurrences, Young Smith made several visits at my house, and at length asked my consent to his marrying my daughter, Emma. This I refused."