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". . . I give unto you to be the salt of the earth . . ." (3 Nephi 12:13)

Why are we supposed to be the salt of the earth? What is so significant about that? Let's think about the uses of salt.

Salt makes things taste good--it makes food taste savory.

Maybe we're supposed to keep the world from being an unsavory place by bringing good and tasteful things into the world.

Salt preserves things, like meat.

Maybe we, by following Jesus ourselves, are helping to preserve the world. This might have to do with our example and our righteous influence. The righteous people in Zarahemla postponed the destruction of that city. Or it might have to do with our genealogy work. Without genealogy, the whole earth would be utterly wasted at Christ's second coming. We can help preserve family values and morality.

Salt conducts electricity when placed in water.

Maybe we help conduct the power of God to mankind. Certainly priesthood holders "conduct" and use God's powers in behalf of others, but faith is also a power through which we can strengthen others.

Salt kills germs and helps wounds heal.

Though sometimes it is painful, salt in wounds helps kill germs. Who has gargled with salt water to help a sore throat stop hurting? Maybe we are to fight the germs in our society. Maybe we are to help purify and heal the people of this world. Our kindness, our good example, our love and friendship, and our refusal to stoop to the world's standards can help us be salt in this role.

Salt is essential to the human body. Without it, we would die.

We can teach the Gospel to others. Without our missionary efforts, people's souls will remain spiritually dead or unhealthy.

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