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Have everyone dress up as movie stars (modestly, of course)

Decorate with value-colored stars and pictures of people we should look up to

Have everyone introducing a value start like she just received an Academy Award. E.g.--"I'd like to thank the Academy for helping me to where I am today. I want to thank my leaders, my Bishop, my parents, my siblings, etc. And I'd especially like to thank Divine Nature. I could have never done it if I didn't know that I had God-like characteristics that I could develop. For example, I could have never completed my life so well if I hadn't been patient. And loving others unconditionally, that has really made my life happy. . . "

Have someone give a talk about how Jesus was the best example to us. He made it possible for us to become our best selves. Without Him, our "Academy," the Church, the Young Women's group, our families, could never have reached the heights they have and will. Since he set the example, it is now our job to become our best selves. A program specially designed for us is the Personal Progress program.

Talk about Abraham's descendents being numbered as many as the stars in the heavens. What does it mean to be that kind of star. How should we be acting as someone so blessed and who is supposed to bless others?

Give a decorated picture frame with a picture of Jesus.

Sing "I Am Like a Star" (Primary SB 163) "Every Star is Different" (Primary SB 142) "Shine On" (Primary SB 144) "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" (Primary SB 177)

Serve star-shaped mints, cake with stars on it, star cookies, etc. . .

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