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Be the Girl of Your Dreams

Show up wearing modest pajamas

Decorate with pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and bedroom lamps. Sprinkle reminders of dreams: graduation from school, going to college, getting married in the temple, having a family, going on a mission, developing talents, and eventually returning to Heavenly Father, on the tables and hanging from the ceiling

Have the girls explain how each value will help them become the girl of their dreams

Have the speaker give a bedtime story—a fairy tale about princesses, princes and happily ever after, but tie it to how they are princesses, daughters of a Heavenly King. They must prepare to be Queens and prepare for their "happily ever after." The books that give practical advice about becoming a queen are the scriptures and their personal progress book. A toll free 24-hour tutor line for up-and-coming princesses is available--Prayer. When I told the tale, the princes were coming home from a two year quest. J

Give prayer rocks to the girls to remind them to pray and stay in contact with their Heavenly Father (someone who knows more about becoming a king or queen than anyone else)

Make castles for each girl out of graham crackers and ice cream cones and decorate them with candy

Suggested songs: O My Father (#292) Called to Serve (#249--it talks about sons and daughters of a King) I Am a Child of God (#301) I Know My Father Lives (#302)

"Letter" from Heavenly Father

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