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Detective Denise

Our ward did this skit this year. It is done to the music of Pink Panther. One Adult Leader was narrator (she read slowly and corresponded what she was reading to what the Detective was doing.) and 1 leader was the Detective. She really lived it up and bounced with the music.

We decorated one end of the room as if it was one of the girls bedrooms. With posters, CD's, dresser, bed, rugs the whole works. It looked really cute.

The talks were short 5-10 minute. No beating around the bush. What affect does music have on us, or how what we wear affects others (mainly the opposite sex).

Brenda the Beehive is in a panic. Her birthday is coming, she'll soon be the coveted Mia Maid. But Brenda has an anxiety she hasn't completed her beehive goals, and her Personal Progress book is nowhere to be found. Brenda has searched & searched, ‘to no avail' and time is running out. At wits end, Brenda turns to her last hope, Detective Denise. Brenda explains to the Detective her dilemma. Discerning the magnitude of Brenda's problem - Detective Denise takes on the case.

(Start music - Pink Panther - Detective Denise enters room with magnifying glass to look closely at mormonads, pictures - etc. Takes out pencil & paper making notes and narrator speaks)

The detective begins her search where the book was last sighted. Brenda's room. She commences looking for clues, proof of the very existence of this unique book. From outward appearances the room seems to be a haven for someone with High Standards & Values. A person striving to better herself. But things are not always as they seem.

(Put pencil/paper back in pocket - walks over to CD player - goes through CD's nodding with approval - then shocked over one CD)

What is this? A drawback in the investigation? This CD doesn't belong in the scenario. Why there's nothing uplifting or upright about this music. Detective Denise leaves the scene to question Brenda about this new finding.

(Put all CD's down except the bad one, leave room. Music stops)

Talk on Music -

(Music starts - Detective Denise returns to room and puts CD back in its place)

Detective Denise returns to the scene. As she had surmised the CD was not Brenda's. It was the possession of an acquaintance. The Detective resumes her investigation. The dresser draws Detective Denise's eye. Perchance a lead will be established in its drawers.

(Open drawers one at a time - take out journal nodding all the time- move clothes around - 3rd drawer move clothes around pull out Bikini)

Detective Denise is stunned once again. Is this an article of clothing an unpresuming Young Woman would wear. By the same token does it reflect the goals in the vanished Personal Progress book? Be that as it may Detective Denise's investigation is at a standstill.

Detective Denise departs in pursuit of Brenda to reopen the interrogation.

(Denise leaves room - Music stops)

Talk on Modesty -

(Music starts. Denise returns to room and returns Bikini to dresser)

Detective Denise returns to restore the garments to their original location. Detective. Denise's misconceptions were aleved. The owner of the goods is allegedly Brenda's female parent. These bits of clothe are retained as a memento of the women's unripened days, decades before the first published Personal Progress Book.

(Denise looks at bed drops to floor and begins pulling things out from under it.)

Detective Denise scans the room. Only one vicinity remains uninspected. The all engulfing black hole - i.e. under the bed. It is undertakings such as this that earns Detective Denise the big bucks

(Denise finds book and leafs through it)

What is this, can it be

(Denise stands up and holds up book)

Eureka the mystery is solved.

(Denise slowly leaves room. Stops just before leaving and and gives the audience a look.)

Then again was there any doubt.

(Music stops)

Talk on the importance of Personnel Progress and a committment or recomittment to do their goals.


As a hand out we gave them a paper with all values on it and a place to write in two goals for each value.

We also had refreshments. The evening took only 1 hour.

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