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Young Women Leader
"Survival Kit"

When I became a Young Women's leader, there were some things that came with the job that weren't mentioned in the leadership handbook.  I discovered that I was a young women resource for a lot more things than activity ideas and carpool help.  I put together a short list of things I was asked if I had.  Carry them in your purse or bag whenever you go to a young women function to be truly prepared (and to get bonus points with your girls). 

Community lip balm (clean fingers, no lips, please)  :)!
Breath mints or breath freshener--especially for dances
Safety pins--several
Feminine supplies--pads and tampons (also a good idea to have some in the yw closet)
Facial tissue
Hairspray--again, especially for dances
Brush or comb
Concealer for renegade pimples, especially for dances
Pen and paper--especially for dances
Nail file

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