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Presidency or
Board Meetings

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Leadership Thought:

Old Business:

Concerns or Problems with Young Women or program:

Things to Bring up with Bishopric:

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Goals and Preparation for Upcoming Activities:

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How to Have an Effective Presidency

President is responsible for planning the meeting.  She is responsible for the spiritual tone of the meeting.  (Prayer, Scriptures, etc.) Plan ahead, have materials needed at the meeting, and don't waste time on items that are not profitable. Use an agenda, stick to it, begin meeting on time and end on time.

Counselor (and Advisors) need to come to the meeting.  Contact president ahead of time and add items of importance to the agenda.  Be constructive. What are the goals of your presidency.  How can you Personally help?

Spiritual Preparation (all) Come prepared to share a scripture to set the tone of the meeting. (You need to know what is on the agenda so you can prepare) Pray individually before coming to meeting.

What Takes Away from the Spirit of Meeting?
.  Being in a hurry.  The meeting has been planned and you need to plan so you can be there without being in a rush to be
   somewhere else.
.  Anger

How To Handle Differences of Opinion
. Prayer
. Express differences in the right spirit
. Everyone should feel free to express how they feel
.  Decisions w/out discussion???? Counselors and advisors no longer feel empowered
. Don't recruit a "following"-you don't like something so you go to another person in private (in or out of presidency) and
  "discuss" the problem hoping to "convert" others to your point of view.
.  If problem is not resolved by the end of the meeting-leave it, pray, ponder, and then discuss at next meeting.
. President makes final decision (this is her stewardship as leader), but would a wise president out-vote her counselors?    Would a good counselor undermine the president?
.  Sometimes you'll need to make a temporary decision until you can gather more information.  Other times the decision
   made will feel good.  In both cases, come back later and evaluate end result.  Make adjustments as needed.
.  There is not always a right and a wrong way - but THE LORD'S HOUSE IS A HOUSE OF ORDER

When Planning Activities, Ask:
.  Does this activity strengthen testimonies
.  Does it add to the program or detract
.  Does it take time from something that might be more worthwhile?
.  Does this activity put undo stress and pressure on the family? (of Leaders and YW)

What Matters Most to Youth
(you'd think it was their peers but he said)
.  Security at Home and Personal Leader figure-someone they trust and look to for an example.

How Do We Help the Less-Active or Struggling Youth
.  #l-you involve her parents, #2-her brothers and sisters, #3 - Best Friend, peers, Bishop, Sunday School teacher, Seminary teacher, and Home Teachers.  Discuss in Ward Council so that others can help.

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