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Questions About
Moral Standards and

Sometimes it's hard for youth to think of their questions about morality and dating when they're asked to come up with some for a panel or discussion with the Bishop. These may jog someone's memory or be exactly what someone wanted to know but was too shy to ask. To find suggested answers, see Answers About Morals Standards and Dating

What qualities should we be looking for in a date?

What qualities should we be looking for in a spouse?

How should girls let guys know that they're interested in them and vice-versa?

How do girls get guys interested in them? How do guys get girls interested in them?

Do guys mind taking girls places?

Should girls call guys or ask them out?

What do guys like about girls? What are they looking for in their dream girl?

What do girls like about guys? What are they looking for in their dream guy?

Can a girl get a date if she isn't really pretty?

Is it okay to date non-members?

What should you do if you like a non-member?

What are the most important things to know about someone you're interested in seriously?

Do you think you should kiss on a date? If so, after how long and how often?

What about French kissing? Is it appropriate in dating?

What is an appropriate level of physical affection on dates?

What are some safe guidelines so you won't go too far?

What is required to be considered worthy to enter the temple?

What does keeping the law of chastity entail?

What is necking and petting?

I heard you could marry outside of the temple and then get married in the temple the same day, like if somebody's family couldn't go in the temple. Is this true?

Why is it important to wait until I'm sixteen to date? I think I'm mature now.

Why are we counseled to group and double date when we're sixteen?

What happens if you can't find a another couple for a double date?

Is it okay to marry a non-member?

What will happen to me if I marry a non-member? Could I go to the temple without my spouse?

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