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How to Play Oink

The object of this game is to pass a snort around the circle as fast as you can without laughing. Get in a circle, facing in. Now, one person snorts at a person immediately next to her. That person then snorts to the person on her other side. The snort continues around the circle in the same way. You may not laugh when you are being snorted at or when you are snorting. Once you have finished your snort, you may laugh until the person next to you received a snort and is preparing to snort at you. Anyone who cannot snort may offer a substitute animal sound or say "Oink." Making faces while snorting is permissible. If a person laughs when they are being snorted at or before they successfully snort, they are out of the circle. Then the person who last snorted then snorts to the next person in the circle to begin again. When there are two people left, they face each other and snort at each other without laughing at all until one of them cracks. The last person is then crowned Snort Monarch.

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