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Name Mix-Up

Sit in a circle on chairs or with definite spots to sit. Put the name of the person on each chair where it cannot be seen. The name on the chair determines the "name" of the person sitting in the chair. Decide where the "beginning" of the circle is. The person at the "beginning" of the circle starts by saying their name (or rather, the name on their chair, which originally is their own name), followed by the name of someone in the room. The person they called says their name and calls someone else's name. That person then says their name and calls on someone else.

If a person makes a mistake, by forgetting to say their name or someone else's, by not responding in time, by responding when their chair's name was not called, or by calling a name of someone who is not there, then they leave their spot and sit to the right of the "beginning" of the circle. The people scoot one seat to the right to accommodate the person who made the mistake. If the person at the beginning makes a mistake, everyone scoots one chair to the right. The person at the beginning position then starts again. However, since the name on the chair is the "name" of the person sitting in the chair, now the person who's real name is Jenny but sitting in the chair labeled Michelle, must respond when someone calls Michelle and not respond when someone calls Jenny. Continue playing the game until everyone is utterly confused.

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